Consume Healthy Fats- Lose Weight and Be Happier

Feb. 15, 2019; by Briana McDonald ( I’m sure by now most of you reading this have heard of the Ketogenic Diet, or Keto diet for short. You’ve probably heard mixed reviews and opinions about its legitimacy. I will try to keep this article strictly to facts and brain chemistry but I would be completely lying if I said I haven’t felt the amazing benefits of a Ketogenic lifestyle myself. Aside from lowing inflammation, reducing sugar and carb cravings and eliminating brain fog – there is a link between healthy fats and happiness. There are fundamental reasons why you can consume healthy fats and be happier. This lifestyle actually works, and works well.

Keto In a Nutshell

There is a time and a place to go deeply into Keto but it’s not here and it’s not now. In a nutshell, a Ketogenic lifestyle is one in which you retrain your body to burn fat as a fuel source instead of sugar and carbs (which it is more than likely very used to.) It requires that you keep your carb intake to a low minimum which forces the body to then use fat for fuel. When you do this, your liver produces ketones which are where you get “ketosis” from. When you are in ketosis you are a fat burning machine and you will start to notice changes in your body and mind really quickly.

Your Fat Brain 

Let’s just take a moment to thank Jesus that we as a nation have finally realized that low fat and no fat food is HORRIBLE for your brain! Fat is good for your brain. GOOD FAT is your friend. You NEED fat in your diet. Did you know that your brain holds about 25% of the body’s cholesterol and that the brain requires that cholesterol to help neurons form connections with other neurons? (1) These neuron connections are the vital links that underlie memory and learning. The more neurons you have connecting with other neurons, the healthier your brain will be!

Healthy Fats and Happiness

There is a reason why people who go on the Ketogenic diet not only lose weight and feel better in their bodies, but they feel better in their minds as well. The keto diet “substantially changes the energetic matrix of the body including the brain. It has been established as an effective anticonvulsant treatment, and more recently the role of KD for mental disorders has been explored. Preclinical studies, case reports and case series have demonstrated antidepressant and mood stabilizing effects of KD.” (3)

Healthy Fats Help Treat Anxiety 

When your cells are under duress, they don’t function properly and even sometimes die which leads to inflammation. To make sure your cells aren’t stressed out, it’s important to manage eating habits, hydration, breathing, exercise, and sleep. For example if you don’t drink enough water, your cells swell and become inflamed. The same applies if you don’t get enough sleep every night.

If you’re eating habits are caffeine, sugar, carbs, alcohol- which spike blood sugar and send your body through several ups and downs, you are inevitability going to experience anxiety. Introducing a high fat, low-carb diet nourishes your brain and stops the aggressive swing of sugar spikes and crashes. You become leveled out and feel less anxious.




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