Colloidal Silver Testimonials-Crohns & Cysts

CROHNS: I can only say that if you are suffering from Chron’s or Colitis, you owe it to your-self to try Colloidal Silver and get your Life back. I can’t believe it was so simple to cure myself, and I had suffered all those years. I will leave my email, so anyone may ask me questions on how long it took or any other questions you may have. May God Bless you All … READ MORE–>

CYSTS: I have systemic Candida and ovarian cysts. I’ve been using Colloidal Silver for a week now, and am already having Candida-die off! Of course, the die-off isn’t pleasant, but I know an end is in sight. My Candida is so stubborn that I’m surprised how quickly the yeast is dying. As for my cysts, I was in terrible pain the beginning of this week. Yesterday, I took Colloidal Silver (1tsp) every hour, and the pain is gone! I mean, I was rolling in agony 2 days ago, and I only have the faintest ache now. -Anne F  READ MORE–>





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