Colloidal Silver Is Better Than I Thought

by Paul Fassa; (  I’ve never doubted that colloidal silver is suitable as an antibiotic, antiviral, or even anti-fungal. Nor did I doubt it’s safety compared to pharmaceutical antibiotics which are known to cause dangerous side effects. But I had concerns about one area until recently and I then realized that colloidal silver is better than I thought.

That area has to do with safeguarding good bacteria or probiotic microbes in the gut. A ratios of 85% probiotic bacteria to 15% pathogenic bacteria is considered a healthy balance by current knowledgeable health experts. But as with pharmaceutical antibiotics, how many probiotic bacteria get wiped out as well to disturb that balance, leading to poor digestion, nutrient absorption, and lowered immunity?

That is the question, as Hamlet asserts in that famous play. The notion of having to take in probiotics in a timely fashion as needed with pharmaceutical antibiotics carried over to using colloidal silver, which once forced me to use colloidal silver rarely even while never using pharmaceutical antibiotics.

By the way, using pharmaceutical antibiotics can cause more harm than creating an imbalance of pathogenic and probiotic microbes. Some pharmaceutical antibiotics are so dangerous they can actually create chronic pain, destroy tendons, and create chronic debilitating diseases.

New Knowledge That Eases Those Concerns

Generally speaking, good bacteria are aerobic, they use oxygen, while pathogenic bacteria are anaerobic, they thrive without oxygen. Danish medical scientist Dr. Hans Christian Gram, who developed the staining techniques of determining gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

It was also determined that probiotic bacteria were positively charged to enable oxygenation. This positive charge repels colloidal silver ions that are also positive charged. Conversely, anaerobic pathogenic bacteria are negatively charged, thus attracting the positive charged silver ions.

It’s not a matter of “intelligence” that allows colloidal silver to seek out mostly pathogenic bacteria, it’s a matter of electrical physics, positive and negative charges. Pharmaceutical antibiotics just bump into whatever bacteria is around and inhibit their growth to the extent that enough chronic use inhibits some probiotic bacteria from returning even after antibiotic use.

Colloidal silver completely destroys pathogenic bacteria, while pharmaceutical antibiotics generally simply inhibit their dividing and replicating. But because they hang around some, they figure out how to resist the pharmaceutical antibiotics. Thus we have the antibiotic resistance crisis, which is a blessing in disguise considering the side effects of those antibiotics.

A Russian study determined that stable bactericidal effect on gram-negative microorganisms was observed after a two hour exposure in a 10 ppm (10 parts per million) solution of colloidal silver, but the same silver colloidal solution took four hours to destroy the thick capsule walled gram positive bacteria.

The bactericidal happens by oxidizing the anaerobic pathogenic bacteria. They die within short periods mentioned above and don’t hang around long enough to figure out what happened and how to resist the silver. The silver ions act as catalysts to oxidize the bacteria, then continues to hunt down more.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics simply bump into whatever good or bad bacteria are around and inhibit their proliferation. Then there are those sometimes horrendous side effects Big Pharma is so famous for and crippling side effects not so famous for.

Wait, There’s More

If your infection is viral or fungal, those pharmaceutical antibiotics won’t help you, even though many MDs go ahead and prescribe them when you are having a viral or fungal infection. Standard of care maybe? Surprise, colloidal silver is also antiviral and anti-fungal. How’s that for convenient.

This site has the best deals on high quality colloidal silver by far. I’ve researched that myself and I’m not a Utopia Silver affiliate. And in no way do I wish to discourage consuming probiotics whether you use colloidal silver or not. I make my own raw milk kefir and water kefirs and drink them daily as a matter of routine probiotic insurance.

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