Colloidal Silver Heals Sunburn and Burns

April 07, 2017

(Testimonials-Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) Colloidal Silver Heals Sunburn and Burns, as well as many other issues.

Sun burn

There is no need to suffer this degree of sunburn.


Dear Utopia,

I have been using colloidal silver for 2 years now. It’s great!! My family and friends have “cured” so many things it is impossible to list them all. Here is a partial list: cold, flu, Sunburn, skin rash, athletes foot, eye infection (conjunctivitis), ear ache, acne, reduced arthritis pain, skin melanoma (cancer), warts, infection, dandruff, and much more. We use it on plants in the garden and in the house as well as on our pets………………

Cal F.


Utopia Silver,

I’m not one to write a testimonial but in this case I had to. ……….Well, I got burnt on the barbecue grill the other day (2nd degree burns) on 3 fingers. I didn’t know I got burned until I looked down and saw my fingers stuck to the grill. I have little sensation in my hand. I immediately put those 3 fingers in a bowl of CS. It burnt/hurt like crazy but I knew it would help and help it did. After soaking them for 20 min. all the swelling and blisters where gone! Four days later I have no traces of any burns to those fingers, It worked just great. I also, have used it to ease Sunburn pain on myself as well as on my clients. Just a couple of sprays and the pain is gone, no kidding! I always have some on hand and use it for everything……from fungal infections on the feet to acne on the face it works like a charm. Knowledge is power and pass the word, this stuff works!

God Bless.
Dale L.


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