Colloidal Silver Color

June 25, 2015

by Ben Taylor

( Colloidal Silver color is one of the biggest “issue” questions that we get here at Utopia Silver. The majority of people are simply not familiar with true colloidal silver. We have had many customers receive their colloidal silver order and then call or email us to ask, “what is wrong with the colloidal silver”. Their concern is almost always because of the color, because they are accustomed to buying ionic silver or a very weak “colloidal silver” which can be a very light yellow. The color “issue” is very simple and requires only a rudimentary understanding of chemistry and physics. True colloidal silver is actually silver particles suspended in a water medium. Ionic silver on the other hand is comprised of silver ions and therefore is technically not “colloidal silver”

The color of Advanced Colloidal Silver is a dark brownish with a very slight greenish undertone. The color is a result of light reflecting off the silver particles in the liquid medium which is deionized water. If there is no reflected light evidenced by color, the product is ionic. A product of purely ionic will be clear, because ions do not reflect light. The more silver particles a product contains, the darker the color will be. Particle silver can range from very light amber to dark brownish tea or almost a coffee color.


The picture above of the two lab containers give a fair representation of the color of Advanced Colloidal Silver. (Note: Color settings can vary from computer to computer, but this picture should give an indication of the color consistency of the product.)