Colloidal Silver is Anti-Cancer

by Paul Fassa, (  It has been common for mainstream oncology to use a platinum based medicine called cisplatin. It is a platinum based medicine used for treating several types of cancer, or more accurately several locations of malignant cancers. But now mainstream medicine is admitting that colloidal silver is anti-cancer also.

Cisplatin is considered the penicillin of cancer medicines because it has been around for so long and can be used for a wide variety of cancer types or locations and in conjunction with other more recently developed chemotherapy cancer medicines. The medicine is formed from groups of molecules attached to a platinum atom, creating a compound that reacts with DNA in cancer cells.

Therein lies the problem. It interferes with all cells’ DNA to often create more cancers from healthy cells.

This is mainstream cancer therapy folks. It keeps you coming back for more as you load up with cancer feeding added sugar condiments like ice cream and cookies to add pleasure to your experience of getting loaded up with carcinogenic IV administered cisplatin and other chemo medicines.

Researchers Used Silver to Find a Less Toxic Version of Cisplatin for Cancer

A researcher at UK’s Leeds University, Charlotte Willans, and her team decided to see if platinum based cisplatin’s side effects could be reduced without lowering its efficacy at killing cancer cells. Instead of bonding the smaller molecular active constituents to a larger platinum molecule, they chose to use a silver molecule as its central host.

Why silver? Because they knew that silver was an effective cancer reducer. Repeat – they knew silver is an effective anti-cancer compound by itself. They wanted to see if using silver would be safer than platinum based cisplatin while still as effective.

You see, mainstream oncology is waking up to the fact that chemotherapy is too toxic, especially as natural solutions, including cannabis, are gaining popularity and competing with the callous disregard of mainstream oncology’s chemical voodoo.

And guess what. The Leeds kids discovered that silver based cisplatin is considerably safer and just as powerful as platinum based cisplatin. But this has not received much notice in the mainstream media.

Probably few oncologists know about it. They’re too busy lining up their patients for lucrative IV chemo sit-ins and listening to medicine reps present the latest poisons or reading studies ghost written by pharmaceutical companies.

Microbes Keep Outsmarting Big Pharma Chemists Who Malign Silver

And who in mainstream medicine wants to admit that silver is efficacious for anything? It has been used successfully as an antibiotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal for centuries. The FDA considers it useless and dangerous while rubber stamping approvals for hastily rushed to market medicines, and the pharmaceutical companies pay fees to the FDA for licensing those medicines.

Around 20 years or so later, the patents expire and pharmaceutical companies that don’t get into the generic market go back to the drawing board to create another product that promises exclusive marketing rights after the FDA gets their fee.

As this cycle continues. bringing big bucks to all concerned, earlier fairly benign pharma medicines get worse, both less effective and more dangerous. Meanwhile, silver, especially colloidal or ionic silver solutions, remain maligned in the dust closets of mainstream medicine. They’re even banned commercially in Europe.

But hospitals and clinics still use silver surgical tools, catheters, and silver laced bandages, gauze inserts, and other wrappings to minimize the danger of guess what – antibiotic-resistant infectious germs, especially Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

MRSA can take advantage of patients with lowered immunity and disease damaged or trauma injured tissues, especially while in hospitals. Yes, MRSA is a hospital generated disease that spreads into the community.

But there is no history of antibiotic resistance from using colloidal, ionic, or any form of silver. You see, the microbes are smarter than the chemists who put antibiotics together. After all, they’re more concerned about quick big bucks than efficacy and long term safety.

Wait – It Gets Even Worse!

A relatively recent study demonstrated that bacteria are now mutating to evade vaccines for childhood pneumonia and meningitis. So we not only have antibiotic-resistant superbugs, we have vaccine-resistant ones as well.

The self declared supreme health agency of our nation, the CDC, had proclaimed pharmaceutical antibiotics and vaccines as the medical milestones of the 20th Century.

Now we have a situation where the microbes have revolted and figured out pharmaceutical antibiotics to the point where medical science’s short sightedness has created antibiotic-resistant bacteria that threaten areas where they’re needed most.

Even worse, the newest blockbuster (lucrative) antibiotics deliver some serious long term side effects even when prescribed for minor infections. The basic germ theory forwarded by the poser Pasteur is more than flawed. As his more honest contemporaries claimed, the germ is nothing. The inner terrain is all.

Yet most of mainstream medicine is based on the germ theory, one chemical for every germ, very lucrative for Big Pharma, instead of seeking to strengthen the inner terrain and its immune system. This makes medicine more complex and dangerous while ensuring repeat customers who keep managing to get sicker as they’re treated.

Despite extremely rare and isolated cased of argyria (skin turning blue) from excess consumption of poorly prepared silver products, colloidal or ionic silver remains the safest and most effective antimicrobial available. You won’t find any poorly prepared silver products on this site.

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