Colloidal Silver and Gold Helps Heal COPD & Pets

April 10, 2017

(Testimonials-Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) Colloidal Silver helps heals COPD and Pets, as well as many other issues.


Utopia Silver,

I’m Retired Combat Medic/Paramedic with pretty serious COPD. I nebulize Life Solution with my liquid lung meds and haven’t felt this well in a long time. As long as I continue this treatment I will never have another case of pneumonia.

Rik C.



I have been buying Advance colloidal silver from Utopia for years.. I not only use it for myself but for my pets, I use it on the dogs for hot spots and itching , the cats for eyes and I use it on my Tortoises and Box turtles for infections from wounds from fighting . It is a wonderful alternative for the pets because I know it is safe and does not have any ingredients that may irritate them. I also give my friends a bottle for themselves and for their pets. I am never with out it.






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