Chromium and Diabetes

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Chromium and Diabetes

I’m Dr. Ken O’Neal and I’m here to do another episode of “TLC” – Teaching, Learning & Caring for your health. Today we’re going to talk about a very important subject and that is blood sugar control … diabetes, metabolic syndrome and all other types of poor sugar control in the body. Diabetes today is rampant in the United States … I’m talking about Type 2 diabetes now. It used to be that a person fifty or sixty years old was the normal age for onset diabetes, the Type 2, which is mostly caused by lifestyle factors … especially nutritive deficiencies, and especially Chromium. As of a few years ago, the age of this so-called adult onset diabetes, or Type-2 diabetes, was forty years old … today it’s even less than that. We’re also now seeing children with diabetes and obesity even in their teens, and sometimes even before they’re ten years old.


Why is this going on? Do we have any clues as to what is really going on here? Well, as a matter of fact, we do. As far back as 1959, Dr. Walter Mertz, who worked with the National Institute of Health, discovered that the essential nutrient Chromium was absolutely necessary for optimum health. I have this published report by 100% whole food Chromium expert, Christopher Barr, and here’s a quote from this article from Dr. Walter Mertz from back in 1959. “Type 2 diabetes is not a disease,” says Dr. Mertz, “… it is the lack of a natural ingredient known as GTF Chromium.” Now, that’s not just any kind of Chromium. We’ve got Chromium Picolinate on the market and we have Chromium Chloride and people have been taking these for years in weight formulas and it hasn’t done anything for their diabetes. But Christopher Barr for the last twenty years has been using this type of 100% whole food Chromium at a rate of 100 micrograms three times a day and has been getting excellent results, for symptom relief, blood sugar control, and lipid control. Even the lipids of these patients goes down because Chromium has a role in the metabolism of lipids in the liver. The cholesterol goes down, the LDL cholesterol goes down, and the HDL comes up.

About twenty years later, in the mid-seventies, there was a famous Dr. Alfred Schroder, M.D., Ph.D., who is a professor of medicine at Dartmouth University. He did experiments with people who ate natural diets in Southeast Asia, in Africa, and in the Middle East. He tested their tissue level for Chromium and also tested people in the United States. He found to his astonishment, that the three other continents where the people ate a natural diet with no white sugar and no white flour; and ate fruits and vegetables and whole grain breads, raw sugar cane (which is where a lot of the Chromium comes from), rice bran (where the GTF Chromium comes from) that when they reached forty years old they still had normal levels of Chromium in their tissues. But in America, by the time people reach forty years of age, 25% of the people had absolutely no Chromium in their tissues. That was thirty-five-plus years ago and today’s it’s even worse, because we eat more white sugar and more white flour than ever before.

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There are a lot of other things, …we don’t exercise as much, we eat more trans-fats, etc., etc. Now we have children that are obese and have Type-2 diabetes; we can’t even call it “adult onset” anymore. So, with hundreds of patients that Chris Barr has given this protocol of eating healthy, getting more active, exercising, and taking the GTF Chromium at 300 micrograms a day … and myself, in the last five years, having experienced many clients who have had success in controlling their symptoms and becoming healthy just by doing those few things. You need to check out the information about this particular product and this particular nutrient. Go to the website ( and read articles on chromium. Within three months, you will probably see some great improvement in your lab work, which you can’t deny. Hemoglobin A1C will go down, fasting blood sugar will go down, lipids will do down, and you’ll get as much benefit from this as any other protocol that I personally, in over forty years of treating people with sugar problems, have ever seen.

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