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The Law 1

Government-Presumed Guilty Until Proven Innocent

August 31, 2019; This is my response to a post  about possible government agency corruption and involvement in a criminal activity. ——It is a given that anyone involved in any kind of crime will attempt to insert themselves into the power base and/or supply source of whatever their criminal activity may be. …As we have […]

chronic pain

New Study Unearths Paradox: Opioids Cause Chronic Pain

May 3, 2018; Written By: GreenMedInfo Research Group This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2018 We all know that surgery is often painful, but a new study will have you thinking twice before you fill that pain-pill prescription. As this new science reveals, even a few days of opiates can set you up for a […]


8 Proven Ways to Prevent and Ease Shingles

April 30, 2018; Written By: GMI Reporter This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2018 One in three people will develop shingles (herpes zoster) during their lifetime.  Effective therapy is limited. Here are 8 proven ways to prevent shingles and to ease the symptoms without drugs or vaccines. One in three people will develop shingles (herpes […]

Mass shooters

More Psychiatry and More Psychiatric Medications Means More Mass Shootings

April 27, 2018; Written By: Dr. Peter Breggin This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2018 Originally published on In late September 2016, a few days after Nikolas Cruz turned 18 and became old enough to buy a gun, the Department of Children and Families sent one or more investigators to Cruz’s home. The Department had […]

infantile colic

Infantile Colic

April 23, 2018; Orthomolecular Medicine News Service,  by Ralph K. Campbell, MD (OMNS Apr 18 2018) An infant with colic not only is suffering from pain, but is causing great concern in parents attempting to render loving care. We can’t ask the infant to rate the pain on a scale from 1 to 10, but […]


Childbirth Choices Matter: Why an Elective C-section May Not Be the Best Decision for Mom or Baby

March 16, 2018; Written By: Dara Berger This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2018 Originally published on It may be shocking to learn that thirty percent of American babies are born via Cesarean delivery (CD). This statistic doesn’t mean that one-third of all pregnant women are having complications that lead them to require an emergency cesarean. […]

Happy Baby

Multivitamin and Folic Acid Lowers Autism Rates

April 13, 2018; by Terry Vanderheyden, ND, RH (OMNS Jan 15, 2018) Children of mothers who take multivitamins and/or folic acid supplements have a 60% lower autism risk, even if their moms take the supplements before getting pregnant. [1] The risk is lowered even in those who used the supplements before becoming pregnant but discontinued […]

Whooping Cough 2

Sodium Ascorbate Treatment of Whooping Cough

April 10, 2018; by Suzanne Humphries, MD (OMNS Apr 6 2018) My motivation to find a solution came from watching two young girls that were close to me suffer from whooping cough. Neither conventional antibiotics nor homeopathic options helped at all. A skilled and revered homeopath was so concerned that he even said to take […]

ear infection in infants 2

Middle Ear Infection in Infants and Children

March 05, 2018; by Ralph Campbell, MD (OMNS Jan 23, 2018) We call those big flaps on each side of our heads “ears”; so where is the middle ear? “Middle ear” refers to the medical terminology in which there are three parts: The external ear, the middle ear – a space bordered on the outer […]


Forget Everything You Were Ever Told About Fevers

April 2, 2018; by Megan Heimer ( The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently published a report confirming what we’ve all known to be pretty common sense for a while now: Fevers aren’t bad and you shouldn’t bring it down in a healthy child. Why? Because fevers are good and suppressing it drags out the […]

Colon Flora

7 Ways Probiotics DETOXIFY Your Body

April 2, 2018; Written By:Sayer Ji, Founder This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2018 Did you know that probiotic bacteria are capable of helping you detoxify the most noxious chemicals known to humankind?  You’ve probably heard the buzz already about the many health benefits of probiotics, a word which literally translates to: pro- “for” […]

portrait of young woman with eyes closed holding orange and showing and promoting a healthy eating and a healty lifestyle.

Vitamin C Questions Answered

March 29, 2018; Commentary by Helen Saul Case; (OMNS Mar 27 2018) I was born and raised in a household where we used vitamins instead of medicines. Consequently, I am very familiar with utilizing high-dose vitamin C to prevent and cure illness. Now that I have children of my own, vitamins help keep them healthy, […]