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Supplement Deaths

More Supplement Bashing on PBS

LATEST HATCHET JOB BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA by Andrew W. Saul (OMNS, Jan 17, 2016) It may be time for some extra niacin. PBS FRONTLINE has advertised a program teaser for “Supplements and Safety” that proves, if nothing else, that yellow journalism still attracts viewers. Prepare to be presented with the same old anti-vitamin saws […]


No Deaths From ANY Dietary Supplement

Zero Fatalities from Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Herbs, Homeopathic Remedies by Andrew W. Saul, Editor (OMNS Jan 16, 2015) There was not even one death caused by any dietary supplement in 2013, according to the most recent information collected by the U.S. National Poison Data System. The new 251-page annual report of the American Association […]


Frequently Asked Questions About Colloidal Silver

by Ben Taylor ( The questions asked about colloidal silver (which is actually particle silver) and ionic silver are too varied and numerous to list them all. Often the questions asked are from the perspective of one who doesn’t understand the difference between particle silver and ionic silver. Those familiar only with ionic silver usually […]


Did You Know Antibiotics Can Kill?

Did you know antibiotics can kill? A friend of mine named John went into the hospital for a heart attack just before Christmas, 2002. A month later, still in the hospital, he died of Pneumonia, completely unrelated to the heart condition. He left his widow over $200,000 in medical bills and a broken heart. John […]


Colloidal Silver Combats Water Problems in Iraq

By Spc. Edgar Reyes, 2nd BCT PAO, 4th Inf. Div. Aug 31, 2006 – 4:58:00 AM FOB KALSU, Iraq – Richard Wukich, a ceramics professor from Slippery Rock University in Pittsburgh, teaches two Iraqi apprentices how to properly measure colloidal silver on a scale, which is used to kill bacteria in ceramic filters, during a […]