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“Disease Is Not A Deficiency of Drugs”
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Fear and Guilt

Herd immunity Used for Fear and Guilt

March 07, 2017 Herd immunity, pop version, fraud by Jon Rappoport Hail to the herd! The herd is all! The concept of herd immunity (protection for the population) is often used by vaccine addicts as a way to push guilt at people who don’t line up their children for shots. “Your un-vaccinated child is a […]

Killer DRugs

Devastating Revelation on Killer Drugs is Buried

by Jon Rappoport Every once in a while, an analysis that explodes confidence in the medical system surfaces. It might appear as a newspaper article, or a review published in a medical journal. Its fate is always the same. It sinks like a stone in a dark lake. As if it never happened. Months or […]


Tracking 134 Vaccine Bills in 35 States

Written By: Jefferey Jaxen ( A tidal wave of new bills has flooded 35 states in the U.S., threatening to either limit or completely eradicate vaccine exemptions. Clearly health freedom and informed consent is undergoing full frontal assualt right now. Please read, share, and take action accordingly.   In 2015 California signed into law the […]


Real Questions Real Answers About Herpes

March 07, 2017 Real Question: Subject: Herpes Utopia, I’m a little confused about the herpes protocol. For genital herpes,besides using silver topically, am I supposed to drink it? Or is drinking it strictly for oral herpes? T. S. Real Answer: Hi Tom, It should be applied topically and consumed orally. Also, the pH Protocol is […]

Eye infection

Colloidal Silver Testimonials- Eye Infection & Herpes

Testimonials for March 07, 2017 EYE INFECTION: The silver is a miracle medicine!. Last night I had such an irritating, scratchy feeling in my eye, I was ready to go to the hospital. It had been getting steadily worse throughout the day. I had tried eye drops and soaking it with warm water, nothing helped. […]

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States of America with a vintage flag

Health Freedom Victory in Texas

by Tony Isaacs ( “This system operates on fear, you have no fear and that’s a problem for us.” − District court official to Ben Taylor in private chambers.” …In January 2013, a small supplement company and its owner scored a health freedom victory in Texas for health freedom nationwide. This happened when all charges against […]


Intensive Nutritional Therapy for Alzheimers

by Briana McDonald; ( A disease that was once rare now affects as many as 5.3 million people in the United States, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Ten percent of Americans over 65 and as many as fifty percent of those over 85 are at risk for this devastating disease. How did the rate increase […]


High Alkaline Water Raises Protective Gut Microbiota

Written By: Keith Bell ( The health mechanism behind high alkaline water includes maintaining an environment by which our protective microbiota thrive. Counterintuitively, high alkaline water creates a healthy acidic gut. Have you been following all the news about the microbiome the past few years? This field of science has been exploding and represents a […]


Significance of 1940s Niacin Enrichment

The Historical Significance of 1940s Mandatory Niacin Enrichment by W. Todd Penberthy, PhD (OMNS, Feb 28, 2017) In a newly published research study, Tissier and colleagues at the Universite ‘ de Strasbourg, France, identified wild hamsters that were eating primarily corn monoculture diets and exhibiting siblicide and maternal infanticide. Cannibalism was one of the theories […]


Maintaining A Body Healthy pH

by Briana McDonald, ( Antoine Bechamp, a great scientist once said it best; “The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything.”  No germ, bacteria, virus, or cancer (aka fungus) can survive in an alkaline environment. While it’s important to take note of this, it is also important to note that one can be too alkaline […]

Painkiller Killers

The Problem With Painkillers

Written By: Linda Woolven & Ted Snider ( Use of over-the-counter painkillers is staggeringly common. At least 175 million adults in the United States take OTC painkillers. That makes evaluating their effectiveness and safety crucial. But, it has been a very bad few years in painkiller research. Important recent studies have cast serious doubt on […]

Healthy Diet

Real Health Insurance is Proper Nutrition

Feb 24, 2017; by Briana McDonald; ( With the cost of health care on the rise I can’t help but ask myself if any of it is a necessary expense. Aside from true emergencies like a broken bone or if you are involved in some kind of accident and need emergency care- what are you […]