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“Disease Is Not A Deficiency of Drugs”
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Pumpkin field

Pumpkin Seeds: 11 Evidence-Based Health Benefits

Sept. 4, 2019; Reprinted by SilverBulletin e-News/ By:Sayer Ji, Founder;  Pumpkin seeds, like all edible seeds, pack an immense nutritional and medicinal punch. After all, they contain future worlds within their compact structure. As Emerson said, “the creation of a thousand forests is within one acorn” This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2019 In […]

Politics 2

The Science and Politics of Cancer Therapy

August 30, 2019; When I was a child, my Grandmother born in the 1880’s was curing warts and skin cancer with Fig tree sap- the gooey white fluid that oozes from figs and fig leaves when broken from a branch. There are old Aboriginal American Indian remedies using a herbal mix of bloodroot and wood […]

Dracula 3

Health Websites That Have Been Crushed by Google’s Censorship

August 27, 2019; (Utopia Silver Supplements: Silver Bulletin); The topic of the article below may well be one of the most important of our time. Those of us who believe in natural healthcare methods as the first option in healing our bodies, both as a business, as well as personal practice, have been experiencing and […]


Let Fruit Be Your Medicine: Watermelon’s Remarkable Health Benefits

August 26, 2019; Written By: Sayer Ji; ( Watermelon is so much more than just a highly refreshing summertime treat. From the perspective of a growing body of clinical research, it is a truly medicinal food. This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2019 There’s an abundance of clinical research these days on the medicinal properties […]

Good Food

Why Food is Actually INFORMATION

August 23, 2019; Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder  Food, while being the condition for the possibility of all life itself, is rarely appreciated for its true power. Far beyond its conventionally defined role as a source of energy and building blocks for the body-machine, new discoveries on the frontiers of science reveal that food is […]

dried plums

Dried Plums Slow Bone Loss in Aging

August 19, 2019; by:Case Adams, Naturopath; Several recent studies have confirmed what traditional oriental medicine has known for centuries – that dried plums have the capacity to prevent and even reverse bone loss that can occur in our later years. This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2019 Florida State University researchers tested 236 women who […]

grapefruit trees

Grapefruit Seeds Treat Antibiotic Resistant UTIs

August 15, 2019; Silver Bulletin e-News; The overuse and abuse of patented anti-biotics by mainstream “healthcare” has been the root cause of the rise of Super resistant bacterial infections such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA) and Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria). Anti-biotics were designed for treating bacterial infections, but it is common in medical practice to prescribe […]

Limey 1

Lime Juice Could Save 100’s of Thousands of Lives Each Year

August 12, 2019; Written By:Sayer Ji, Founder; While billions of dollars are poured into research and development for pharmaceutical drugs, the humble lime has been proven to mitigate and even cure diseases that cause millions to suffer and hundreds of thousands to die each year worldwide. [Utopia Silver Note: Always dilute lime juice in water or […]

Quacking Ducks

The Ones Who Cry Quack the Most Are the Real Health Quacks

August 9, 2019; (Republished by SilverBulletin e-News) by Tony Isaacs; Doctors and Historical Figures from Today and Through the Ages Weigh In- In today’s medical arena the term “quack” is often thrown about by mainstream medicine protagonists to describe someone who uses herbal and other natural health treatments which are not approved by mainstream medicine. However, […]

Treasure Chest 1


UTOPIA SILVER’S 5th COLLOIDAL SILVER PROMOTIONAL CONTEST STARTS TODAY AUGUST 5TH!!!   ✅ We’re giving away another 142 oz jug of Nature’s Greatest Anti-microbial Mineral for FREE with FREE shipping. There is absolutely no cost to the Contest Winner. ✅ At 11.5 ml (.40 oz) per day, this is an Entire Year’s Supply of True Colloidal […]

Scientific Research 2

There Are Scientific Reasons Why Silver Kills Pathogens It Is Not Magic

August 8, 2019; by Ben Taylor (Silver Bulletin e-News) ( The real science of the noble mineral silver is not generally known and understood by very many. The ends of the spectrum range from rabid silver-haters who may be honestly skeptical about consuming the mineral silver as well as those who routinely use colloidal silver […]

low carb high fat 2

Low Carb-High Fat Lifestyle Gains Ground Moving Away From Junk Food

August 2, 2019; (OMNS) by Tom Taylor; What is the world’s biggest nutritional problem? Until fairly recently, the answer was often hunger. In previous decades there were numerous solicitations in the media asking for donations to help feed the hungry — but those have largely disappeared. In the early 80s the marketing of processed food […]