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Health news and commentary by health journalist Paul Fassa.


Naturally Preventing Memory Loss and Dementia-2

April 13, 2017; by Paul Fassa; (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine original) Do It Yourself Juicing for naturally preventing memory loss and dementia-2 (Continued from April 10, 2017) A slow speed masticating juicer is recommended. It can be single auger (masticating screw) or double auger. You can Google slow speed masticating juicers and shop for what […]


Naturally Preventing Memory Loss and Dementia

April 10, 2017; by Paul Fassa; (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine original) Currently virgin coconut oil at 3.5 tablespoons daily is doing better than anything Big Pharma can come up with for reversing memory issues, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Naturally preventing memory loss and dementia is highly recommended because it works without side effects. Some […]

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet to Create Better Health

April 07, 2017; by Paul Fassa (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) There are so many dietary options promoted as a key to good health that it can be overwhelmingly confusing. I’ll focus on one confusion and detail the differences between the Paleo and Ketoganic Diets after this commercial break to focus on dietary sanity. (Utilize the […]

healthy skin

Avoid Surgery With Natural Skin Cancer Remedies

February 24 , 2017, by Paul Fassa ( When it comes to skin cancer, Big Pharma offers only topical chemo creams and surgery. The chemo creams usually don’t work but often do cause ugly, painful side effects. Removing skin cancer tumors surgically usually results with tumors resurfacing sooner or later. And surgeries often leave ugly […]


The Truth and Colloidal Silver

by Paul Fassa,  Natural Health Journalist (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) The basic reason for any colloidal silver efficacy and safety controversy is the medical establishment (medical mafia) and the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) see colloidal silver as a financial threat.  –Editor’s Note: The truth and colloidal silver is based on thousands of years of silver […]

Gold Coins

The Wonders of Colloidal Gold

February, 2015 by Paul Fassa Natural Health Journalist ( Much has been written or said about colloidal silver’s powerful antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. But do you know about the wonders of colloidal gold? It is produced the same way as colloidal silver and creates nano-particles of gold that are assimilated into a body’s cells. […]


Colloidal Silver is Anti-Cancer

by Paul Fassa, (  It has been common for mainstream oncology to use a platinum based drug called cisplatin. It is a platinum based drug used for treating several types of cancer, or more accurately several locations of malignant cancers. But now mainstream medicine is admitting that colloidal silver is anti-cancer also. Cisplatin is considered […]


Understanding Colloidal Silver

February 11, 2015; by Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist; (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) You are no doubt somewhat aware of colloidal silver maybe you’re wondering why colloidal silver is sold as a supplement only instead of using colloidal silver as the powerful antibiotic and anti-viral it is. For starters, with understanding colloidal silver keep in […]


Coffee Health Considerations Have Changed

December 12, 2016, by Paul Fassa, ( Coffee’s affect on general health has been considered mostly negative for decades. But recent years have seen more reports and studies pointing to beneficial health effects from consuming coffee on a regular basis. Simply put, Coffee health considerations have changed as long as one is selective in the […]


Can Colloidal Gold Help Kill Destructive Cells?

by: Paul Fassa, November 3, 2016 ( Colloidal gold is a relatively unknown compound compared to colloidal silver. Colloidal gold has been studied and used for several maladies that are not caused by pathogenic microbes of bacterial, viral, and fungal natures. You should know colloidal silver is superior to pharmaceutical attempts at quelling those microbes […]


Cancer Fighting Foods That Most Don’t Know About

October 17, 2016, by Paul Fassa ( Many of us know the importance of a healthy diet consisting of non-processed organically produced food, whether Paleo or vegan or somewhere in between.  All the chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones used in the standard American diet agriculture are major contributors to our increasingly diseased nation. That’s why buying […]