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This section features articles by Ben Taylor, …and other health and freedom writers. It is primarily focused on the issues of liberty that are at the root of healthcare rights.

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Common Sense Use of Colloidal Silver

By Ben Taylor MANKIND’S OLDEST NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC Colloidal silver is probably mankind’s oldest natural anti-biotic and anti-viral. As its use has increased in popularity in recent years with each new scare of a plague or pandemic, so has the controversy about its effectiveness, how to use it and how much to use. For those of […]

Blind leading the blind

Colloidal Silver Misinformation

by Ben Taylor ( There is much colloidal silver misinformation and sometimes even intentional disinformation within the “colloidal silver” industry. Much of it is based on falsely making it appear that a particular manufacturer or producer has a ‘silver’ product to which no one else has access. In very few cases, there may be some […]


Another Insider is Picked to Head the FDA

January 07, 2016 by Paul Fassa, Natural health Journalist ( You may think Obama is promoting socialism, …but once again another insider is picked to head the FDA . But the reality is he’s promoting fascism, aka corporatism. The original fascist, Benito Mussolini, explained to TIME magazine before WW II that “fascism is merely a […]


Kabal of Gangsters

by Ben Taylor The kabal of gangsters in the Pharma-Industrial Complex and their cohorts in the propaganda media are at it again. In their latest propaganda campaign to scare the American people away from natural remedies and toward patented medicines, the so-called consumer magazine, Consumer Reports, has published an obviously biased and unscientific hatchet job […]


Notice of Healthcare Rights

by Ben Taylor Everyone and every parent has the God-given Right to decide how best to care for their own health and that of their children. No government, no public official, and no healthcare “professional” has any authority to force us or our children to be the recipients of potentially dangerous medicines whether in the […]


Vegetarians Are Less Healthy Than Meat Eaters

by Ben Taylor (SilverBulletin) Contrary to what many in the vegetarian community believe, a strictly vegetarian diet is usually very unhealthy. A new study out of Austria shows that overall vegetarians are less healthy than meat eaters, especially in combination with vegetables.  I have never met anyone who was strictly a meat eater void of […]


Use Your Rights or Loose Them

by Ben Taylor To be a Free People, we must understand, not only our Rights as given to us by God, but we must also understand to what extent and under what circumstances we may loose these Rights. Contrary to the philosophies and practices of tyranny that pervade our “legal” and “judicial” system today, no […]

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This section features articles by Ben Taylor, …and other health and freedom writers which are primarily focused on the issues of liberty that are at the root of healthcare rights. Healthcare Choice Is A Natural Right Use Your Rights or Loose Them! Notice of Healthcare Rights Colloidal Silver Misinformation Common Sense Use of Colloidal Silver […]

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Healthcare Choice Is A Natural Right

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” — attributed to Thomas Jefferson by Ben Taylor ( Healthcare choice is a Natural Right secured by Common Law and […]