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Garlic Fields

The Amazing Power of Garlic Could Save Your Life

August 10, 2018; by Briana McDonald; By Briana McDonald ( I’m one of those people who use garlic in almost every single dish. Not only is it flavorful and aromatic, it is chock full of life saving compounds. Why do I say this? Research is showing us it’s not only safe and delicious, but the […]


CBD Oil Has Many Benefits Without the THC Head Trip

August 6, 2018; by Briana McDonald (Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine) Although cannabis has been because of its popular mind altering affects with the heady crowd, it actually has many medicinal properties as well. In fact, there are over 60 compounds found in cannabis that belong to a class of ingredients called cannabinoids or cannabidiol (CBD […]


Enzyme Therapy to Reduce Pain and Inflammation

By Briana McDonald ( Every aspect of our existence depends on enzymes. Our digestive system, immune function, the health of our organs, our bloodstream– enzymes are required for every chemical action that takes place in our bodies. We can use enzymes for many things but most importantly if you or someone you know lives with […]

Silver Ore

When to Give the Mineral Silver to Children and Infants

July 30, 2018; by Briana McDonald ( Being a mom of three boys I have dealt with more owies, sky-high fevers, runny noses and hacky coughs than I can count. I probably have a gray hair to show for each! Being a mom who always tries to choose a natural approach for treating any ailment […]

Anemia 1

Combat Anemia By Implementing These Holistic Therapies

July 24, 2018; by Briana McDonald ( Having anemia, also known as having iron-poor blood, is a common issue that results when there is a deficiency of iron in your blood cells that impedes the delivery of oxygen throughout the body. Without proper levels of iron in the cells you may become low in the […]


The Tattoo Generation and the Lurking Toxicity to Our Health

July 20, 2018; by Briana McDonald ( This is the generation of tattoos, in fact it’s become increasingly rare to meet someone in my age group that does not have a single tattoo. I myself even have eight! As I’ve gotten older I’ve looked into the ingredients in inks and the carriers tattoo artists use […]

Bladder Infection

Eliminate Bladder Infections With Colloidal Silver

July 16, 2018; by Briana McDonald- Silver Bulletin ( A bladder infection is a bacterial infection of the bladder and is also sometimes referred to as a Urinary Tract Infection, or UTI. Bladder infections are more prevalent among women than men and more than 50% of women will experience at least one in their lifetime. […]

Lavender Fields

Beginners Guide for Using Essential Oils

July 13, 2018; By Briana McDonald ( Essential oils are a wonderful way to seek comfort from a variety of health conditions. For thousands of years many cultures have used these healing plant oils for relaxation, cleaning the home, natural healing, and improving mental and emotional well being. This beginners guide for using essential oils […]


Top Five Signs Your Colon Needs to Be Cleansed

July 5, 2018; y Briana McDonald- Silver Bulletin ( Every day our bodies are looking out for us, constantly filtering everything that we come into contact with. We can cleanse ourselves naturally of toxins without having to think about it, however, over a period of time and abuse our bodies can experience a toxin overload. […]

Spartan Warrior 2

Selenium is the Warrior Protector Mineral

July 2, 2018; by Briana McDonald- Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( Selenium is an essential trace mineral that provides amazing benefits to the human body that you don’t want to miss out on. Its works together with Vitamin E to help prevent oxidative damage in the body and also helps iodine regulate metabolism, recycle vitamin […]


Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Supplements

June 28, 2018; by Briana McDonald ( Everyone’s time and money is precious to us. If we are spending our hard earned money on something we want it to be effective, and if we are putting our time into something, we of course want to see results. When it comes to your health, are you […]

Bashing Supplements 1

Are You Being Misled by Bogus Supplement Bashing?

June 22, 2018; by Briana McDonald; Silver Bulletin e-News ( Are you being misled by bogus supplement bashing that has no basis in truth or facts and is in fact a complete manipulation by drug companies? If you are like millions of Americans sifting through health articles on a google search like you’re looking for […]