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Best Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

By Briana McDonald, Staff Writer- Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue you may possibly be swimming in a sea of supplements often times trying to relieve a myriad of seemingly unrelated symptoms which may include low sex drive, skin problems, sensitivity to light and sound, fatigue, muscle pain and […]


Eliminate Candida Overgrowth With Colloidal Silver

Dec. 12, 2017; by Briana McDonald- Staff Writer, Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( Candida Albicans is a form of yeast that causes many undesirable symptoms in the human body including chronic fatigue, weight gain, joint pain, gas and bloating. This fungus is a normal part of the intestinal flora that live in all of our […]

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Link Between Inflammation and Depression

Dec. 8, 2017; by Briana McDonald ( The concept that depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia, autism and this growing list of cognitive behavioral disorders is cause by an imbalance of chemicals (serotonin and norepinephrine) in the brain is so deeply ingrained in our minds that it has seemed silly to question it. However, […]

Bentonite Clay

Amazing Healing Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Dec. 04, 2017; by Briana McDonald- Staff Writer; Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( Of all of the wonderful things I have come across in the natural health world one of my most favorite healing tools to date (next to Colloidal Silver and Aloe Vera) is Bentonite Clay. The amazing healing benefits of bentonite clay could […]

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Selenium Supplementation May Help with Conception

Nov. 30, 2017; by Briana McDonald, Staff Writer, Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( Selenium is needed by all living cells in order to ensure the optimal function of several enzyme systems. Unfortunately the selenium content in our soil is depleted so we may not be getting enough selenium from our diets alone. There are many […]

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Best Multivitamin for Your Children

Nov. 27, 2017; by Briana McDonald- Staff Writer; Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( It has been brought to my attention that sadly some of the top brands of children’s vitamins and gummies available on the market contain hazardous ingredients that parents would/should never give to their children. Flinstones’s Vitamins which claim to be “Number 1 […]

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Assist DNA Repair Process with Blueberries

Nov. 24, 2017; by Briana McDonald- Staff Writer, Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( Did you know blueberry extracts have demonstrated robust DNA repair properties?? That’s right, blueberries! Cellular DNA endures relentless injury through internal and external factors. The fundamental problem with aging is faulty DNA repair, so by incorporating healing foods like blueberries into our […]

Acid Reflux

Heal Acid Reflux Without Drugs

Nov. 21, 2017;  By Briana McDonald-Staff Writer, Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( Thanks to deceptive television ads, most of us believe that heartburn or acid reflux is caused by too much acid in the stomach. In actuality it is caused from us not having enough! To heal acid reflux without drugs we have to first […]

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Natural Therapies to Detox the Lymphatic System

Nov. 16, 2017; by Briana McDonald, Staff Writer ( A vast and complicated network of fluid filled nodes, vessels, glands and organs make up our lymphatic system. There is almost no part of the human body that this system does not touch which is why it is one of the most important systems to keep […]

Poison Ivy

Colloidal Silver Infused Paste for Poison Ivy

Nov. 13, 2017; by Briana McDonald, Staff Writer ( Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac are all poisonous plants that cause an itchy, irritating rash upon contact. A compound within the plants called urushiol causes this rash to occur which can unfortunately last between one and three weeks. Thankfully the rash isn’t contagious but […]

Leaky Gut

Simple Steps to Heal a Leaky Gut

Nov. 09, 2017; by Briana McDonald, Staff Writer-Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( Think of your digestive system as the core operating center for your entire body. With 90% of your immune system being in your gut, the health of your gut will determine the health of your overall being. Complications within the digestive system create […]


The Secret Is Detoxing Your Armpits

Nov. 07, 2017; by Briana McDonald, Staff Writer- Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( For most of my adult life I have used over the counter deodorants and antiperspirants without giving much thought to what I was spreading on my armpits whatsoever. Until I grew a conscious and started realizing there are chemicals and compounds in […]