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Free Access to Nutrition Therapy Videos

Jan. 28, 2019; The article below contains links to six Free Nutrition Therapy Videos. Although the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals within mainstream emergency medicine do wonders in saving countless lives, their counter-parts outside emergency medicine fall far short of the long accepted mandate to “first do no harm”. The first known published version […]


Misinformation and Misconceptions About the Noble Mineral Silver

January 18, 2019; by Ben Taylor (Silver-Bulletin e-News Magazine) There is an overwhelming amount of misinformation and misconceptions about the noble mineral silver. The mineral silver has for thousands of years been one of the most studied and useful minerals known to mankind. It has long been in use as, not only a medium of […]

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Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

Nov. 23, 2018; by Ben Taylor (Silver Bulletin- As a supplement company (Utopia Silver Supplements) we receive many questions about various supplements, with the most frequently asked question being “Is Colloidal Silver Safe?”.  The most recent question came on FaceBook from Johnny G. who simply asked, “I have never taken this [colloidal silver]; is […]

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Sudden Death From Heart Attack Can Often Be Prevented

Sept. 4, 2018; by Ben Taylor- Silver Bulletin e-News Magazine ( Besides unforeseen accidents, there is no greater cause of sudden death than heart attack. I received this life-saving tip from Nancy Field Carnley Ford (of Bronco, Texas, now living in Galveston, Texas) whose husband Mike just had a heart attack the past couple days. […]


IV Vitamin C Protects Against Metabolic Syndrome

(OMNS, Feb 20, 2017) Vitamin C is essential for life in humans, as the capacity to synthesize it has been lost in the course of our evolution. Besides its antioxidant properties and its role in collagen synthesis, vitamin C has been shown to boost the immune system, to markedly lower blood histamine concentrations, and to […]

Real Questions and Answers

Silver Bulletin Natural e-News

“Disease Is Not A Deficiency of Drugs” Silver Bulletin Natural e-News, Articles, & Information <<<–See “SEARCH HEALTH INFO” in left-hand Menu Column. See Testimonial and Real Question Below. ******************* February 27, 2017 ******* Maintaining A Body Healthy pH by Briana McDonald, ( Antoine Bechamp, a great scientist once said it best; “The germ is nothing, […]


Real Questions with Real Answers January 2017

List of Real Questions with Real Answers January 2017 —————– Real Question: Subject: UTI Hello, Does your Collidial Silver work for Klebisella Penumonia UTI? If so, what is the protocol to take-how many drops a day to eradicate the bacteria? I don’t want to take antibiotics. I have been having recurrent utis? Thank you, J. […]


Colloidal Silver Freedom of Speech

These COLLOIDAL SILVER FREEDOM of SPEECH TESTIMONIALS have been given by Real People (not legal fiction entities or pretend customers) stating their personal experiences as an exercise of their “Freedom of Speech”. COLLOIDAL SILVER is neither a “drug”, nor is it a “medicine”; it is water and mineral. It’s simply a fact of chemistry and […]


Supplements Are Often Better Than Whole Foods

December 6, 2016 by Ben Taylor ( In the interest of providing another perspective on the topic of enhancing nutrition through supplements, we’re running an article in the NewsLetter from entitled, “Why Whole Foods are Always Better Than Nutritional Supplements”. First of all, the title is unequivocally wrong in using the word “always”. […]