Another Reason to Use Colloidal Silver Over Antibiotics

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome1

by Paul Fassa

( Have you ever heard of anyone burning from the inside out? It’s called Stevens-Johnson syndrome or SJS. This syndrome is gruesome. The whole body begins to blister to the point where an SJS victim needs to be treated as a burn victim. And it’s most often an adverse side effect of antibiotics, which is another reason to use colloidal silver over antibiotics.

Dr. Joshua Zeichner is a dermatology professor at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. He stated, “You’re not truly burned, but what happens is you have compromised the skin barrier function.” He explained that the epidermis separates from the dermis.

Wonderful side effect, eh? Zeichner added that SJS reactions occur mostly from antibiotics, adding “Unfortunately, we have no way of predicting who would have this type reaction.” Translation, this happens more often than the medical establishment discloses.

Avoiding Pharmaceutical Roulette

When’s the last time you were tested for an antibiotic intolerance or as the medicos say, allergy? Instead you are briefly asked “are you allergic to any medications?” What! You’re expected to know which one of hundreds of pharmaceuticals out there you are “allergic to” even if you’ve never had any of them?
Your answer should be “all of them” if you want to avoid adverse effects. You’d be much better off with colloidal silver.

The overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics should make the public concerned about pharmaceutical antibiotics not working anymore. Microbes adapt more easily to complex synthetic chemical concoctions than simple microbial killers like colloidal silver.

Seems like they want to overlook colloidal silver and maintain the illusion they are the only ones who can cure your sniffles.

There’s no real proof that pharmaceutical antibiotics. actually ever did that much, really. Why do they need to keep developing new ones? But there are many unpublicized reports of nasty side effects, sometimes chronic and serious, sometimes sub-clinical, that result from taking Big Pharma’s purported little life savers.

This is especially true with the fluoroquinoline series of antibiotics. A PBS national TV news special about the gruesome effects of these fluoroquinoline was aired. These painful debilitating effects were not temporary. It took a lot of effort to regain a normal life for a few while others continue to suffer or commit suicide. More on the fluorquinolone antibiotic adverse effects here.

But instead, the rest of the media still pushes the “blue man”. This man used excessive amounts of home-made colloidal silver on a daily basis for many years. This resulted in the development of a rare permanent skin condition called argyria (ar-ji’-re-a).

It is constantly disregarded in this case that the blue man, or “papa smurf”, had been making a form of colloidal silver containing silver particles that were too large and heavy. Despite that, he was otherwise healthy and never even had a cold for years.

This type of colloidal silver negative press gets more play in Wikipedia and other pro-pharmaceutical industry anti-natural remedy media outlets than the many who suffer negative consequences of pharmaceutical antibiotics.

EU regulations have forced colloidal silver off their shelves. So far, it’s still available in the United States. And there are machines that enable you to make your own if the FDA “harmonizes” with the EU and bans colloidal silver products. I recommend you use Utopia Silver as your source for both the silv

Ambulance Chasing Lawyers Don’t Chase Empty Ambulances

Greg-Jones is a law firm specializing in prosecuting medicine companies on behalf of victims with pharmaceutical adverse effects has this to say about Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and its disease close cousin disease Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN). These are both side effects of many pharmaceuticals and Big Pharma antibiotics.

From the Greg-Jones website home page:
• Stevens-Johnson syndrome has a mortality rate of 5%.”
• Toxic epidermal necrolysis may be fatal in up to 50% of patients.
• More than 200 medicines are linked to SJS/TEN, particularly antiepileptics, NSAIDs, penicillins and sulphonamide antibiotics.

They don’t collect their fee unless they win the case. So they must feel confident about what ambulances they’re chasing. And more than one MD has offered a report explaining how many deaths are caused from correctly prescribed medicines.

One of them is Dr. Barbara Starfield, who in the July 26, 2000 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), revealed the American medical system kills 225,000 people per year—106,000 as a direct result of pharmaceutical medicines correctly prescribed. That’s turned out to be a conservative low figure.
Even more staggering is a 2003 report gathered by Dr. Carolyn Dean called “Death by Modern Medicine”, which puts the annual death rate much higher. Her latest edition of the book Death by Modern Medicine puts the current death rate at a million annually from prescribed medicines and procedures.
Medical Mafia is the right tag for the allopathic medical monopoly that lies about so called “alternative” medicines that heal without dangerous side effects while propagandizing their harmful synthetic medicines.

The only caveat with heavy colloidal silver use is that if you ingest it orally, you should take a probiotic a couple of hours later.

A couple of expert sources have told me that’s not necessary if you’re inhaling it with a nebulizer or keeping it under the tongue for sublingual consumption then spitting it out. Both those techniques bypass the gut to avoid or minimize probiotic gut flora damage.


A Rare, Terrible Side Effect

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