Another Insider is Picked to Head the FDA


January 07, 2016

by Paul Fassa,
Natural health Journalist

( You may think Obama is promoting socialism, …but once again another insider is picked to head the FDA . But the reality is he’s promoting fascism, aka corporatism. The original fascist, Benito Mussolini, explained to TIME magazine before WW II that “fascism is merely a cooperation between business and government”.

Another simplified way to understand the differences between socialism and fascism is with this pithy definition: With socialism (or communism), government runs big business; with fascism, big business runs government.

Some of you know at least a little of how Obama has stacked the FDA, USDA, and EPA with former Monsanto employees and current cronies after using his false stance of labeling GMOs and government transparency (“no more corporate lobbyists in the White House”) to get elected the first time. Even Wall Street is well represented in the Treasury Department for bailout ease.

The Revolving Door Keeps Spinning

This trend continues to worsen with the latest stir about Obama’s latest choice for heading the FDA soon, Robert M. Califf, MD. Califf largely helped form the Duke (university) Translational Medicine Institute for pharmaceutical “research and smoother approval processes”. As part of that institute working hand in glove with the pharmaceutical industry, Califf benefited financially from Big Pharma directly and indirectly.

It wasn’t just grant money for research, a fair amount of Big Pharma funding augmented his salary as well. Even TIME magazine mentioned that Califf is “… contractually underwritten in part by several large pharmaceutical companies, including Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly and Novartis. He also receives as much as $100,000 a year in consulting fees from some of those companies, and from others.”

Apparently, shortly after the Senate Hearings grilling Califf began in November 2015, the senators went on vacation. As of this writing on January 4, 2016, the Senate has yet to give final approval to Califf, promoting him from his Deputy Commissioner duties and installing him as FDA Commissioner, although Beltway insider bets are on his getting approved to head the FDA.

Remove the Revolving Doors Completely

Califf is a Big Pharma crony. A conflict of interest form Califf filled out confirms these reports. It’s available here and well worth a look.

In the 1970s, a Baltimore city senator who owned a tavern backed legislation that helped his business. Accused of having a conflict of interest, Joseph J. Staszak, responded, “What conflict of interest? How does this conflict with my interest?”

According to the Institute of Medicine, a conflict of interest is “… a set of circumstances that creates a risk that professional judgment or actions regarding a primary interest will be unduly influenced by a secondary influence.” That secondary interest is usually money from wherever, and it was probably the primary interest to begin with.

Federal regulatory agencies with the ostensible purpose of protecting the public health by regulating food, pharmaceutical medicines, and agriculture are heavily infiltrated in key decision making positions that are compromised by our revolving door system of allowing a free flow of key personnel among related government and corporate positions.

Here’s a sampling of how Monsanto has successfully found its way through those revolving doors, courtesy of Sheep No More. There are even others in more obscure but important government agencies.

Monsanto Position Individual Federal Position
Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs at G.D. Searle and Co. (merged with Monsanto) Michael A. Friedman Acting Commissioner of the FDA
Consultant to Searle’s Public Relation Firm (merged with Monsanto) Arthur Hull Hayes Previously FDA Commissioner
Top Monsanto Scientist, oversaw approval of rBGH Margaret Miller Appointed Deputy Director of FDA, 1991
Worked on Monsanto-funded rBGH in connection with Cornell University Suzanne Sechen FDA Reviewer on Scientific Data
Attorney for Monsanto for 7 years, previous Head of Monsanto Washington D.C. Office Michael Taylor Former FDA Deputy Commision for Policy. In 2010 appointed Senior Advisor to FDA Commissioner
Former Monsanto Lawyer Clarence Thomas Appointed to U.S. Supreme Court in 1991
Served on Board of Directors at Calgene, Monsanto Biotech Subsidiary Anne Veneman Appointed head of USDA in 2001
Retired Senior Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto Dr. Virginia Weldon Previously, member of FDA’s Metabolism and Endocrine Advisory Committee
Vice President, Public and Government Affairs Linda Fisher Deputy Administration EPA
Manager, New Technologies Linda Watrud USDA, EPA
Director, Monsanto Danforth Center Roger Beachy Director USDA, NIFA

And Out of Revolving Door #1, the Vaccine Queen

An excellent recent example is how Julie Gerberding, former CDC head, was placed as president of Merck’s vaccine division. The CDC’s main job under Gerberding was promoting vaccinations while downplaying adverse reactions, even falsifying flu statistics during the swine flu epidemic that wasn’t.

Julie was in charge of the CDC when whistle blower Dr. William Thompson and a few of his CDC colleagues got rid of autism evidence regarding the Merck MMR vaccine. Julia was aware of that evidence and allowed the evidence to be destroyed, according to Thompson.

She also has been a big time share holder of Merck stocks. She dumped some at a profit to “prove” no conflict of interest but reportedly still retained some.

Amazingly, despite Florida congressman Bill Posey’s efforts to bring Dr. Thompson’s evidence under further congressional scrutiny, nothing has been done and probably never will be.

Clariff’s position is that Big Pharma shouldn’t be hindered by government regulation. In other words, damn the safety studies. Get those medicines into the market places and take the body count from those who used them after profits have realized.

Pharmaceutical companies, in addition to providing generous funding to universities for their research to include favorable results or lose their grant monies, also pay the FDA a registration fee for every approval. They’ve been known to hire ghost writers for favorable academic or journal reports and go after dissenting medical doctors and ruin their lives with lies about their discoveries.

So Califf’s proposed medical axis of evil, combining the medicine companies, academia, and the FDA to streamline medicine production is becoming more upfront than ever before. This careerism axis of evil is a very lucrative for its participants, and the push to make pharmaceutical medicines faster and more cheaply is absurd if you take the time look over the field of dead bodies strewn from approved and correctly prescribed medicines.

Big Pharma’s body count at its most conservative estimate is 106,000 dead annually from correctly prescribed medicines, according to a decade old JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) report submitted by Dr. Barbara Wakefield, MD, of Johns Hopkins University.

Other more recent estimates are higher, and over the counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals aren’t even considered, even as many thousands per year are admitted to ER with liver crisis from acetaminophen in prescribed and OTC pain killers, such as Tylenol.

This is all bound to bring more misery to an unsuspecting and totally duped large base of mainstream medical consumers who are insured enough to be steady customers for the most lucrative business in the world.

There should be no revolving doors among regulatory agencies and the industries they supposedly monitor, just for starters.



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