AMA Is Now Coordinating Attacks Against Media MDs

June 25, 2015

Dateline: Santa Fe, New Mexico

by Paul Fassa, Natural Health Journalist

( Benjamin Mazer, a medical student from the University of Rochester who was involved in crafting the resolution and becoming its AMA media spokesman at the recent AMA meeting in Chicago. The AMA Mazer asserted, “This is a turning point where the AMA is willing to go out in public and actively defend the profession. This is one of the most proactive steps that the AMA has taken [on mass media issues].” Essentially the AMA is now coordinating attacks against media MDs who promote natural remedies.

The AMA has more money than memberships. Only 17 percent of American physicians are members. Of course there are other medical union factions for specialists of all stripes now.

But it seems there has been some dissatisfaction with the AMA’s pro-ObamaCare stance and too much confusion with the AMA’s coding system that enables them to collect from Medicare and Medicaid. Seems to be about money matters more than anything.

Yet the AMA has enough money to be considered the fifth most influential lobby group on The Hill at almost $20 million spent during 2014. Most of that influence is to ensure satisfactory payments from government funded insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, which accounts for annual AMA physician revenue of well over $200 million.

Realize this, the private and government insurance industries are there to keep you financially locked in to the medical monopoly.

Tyranny Over MDs Who Don’t Toe the Line is Nothing New

Integrative or Holistic Doctors have been under attack ever since the tyrant Morris Fishbein took over the AMA in 1924 and hung on until he was disgraced by Harry Hoxsey’s publicized lawsuit for libel and slander against the AMA in 1950.

Defaming and suppressing other medical practices that have been outside the AMA’s purview with the monopolistic business motive of avoiding competition from other health options has been a decades old practice.

It took a retaliatory lawsuit from Chiropractic practitioners to finally get the US Supreme Court In 1984 to back off chiropractors. The Court found the AMA guilty of an illegal conspiracy to contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession, and ordered the AMA to cease its illegal boycott of chiropractors.

Since MD licenses are granted and monitored by state medical boards, 50 bunches of bureaucrats are the attack dogs for MDs who stray outside the AMA, FDA, and Big Pharma policies of medicine distribution. The most notorious and longest MD harassment was with the Texas Board of Medical Examiners vs. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.

The FDA used the Texas medical board 14 years to harass and threaten Burzynski with jail time for his successful human trials curing cancer with patients who had difficult terminal cancers.

The documentary “Burzynski the Movie” concludes that the FDA was attempting to assist a small number of researchers for large medicine companies to put Burzynski away and patent his findings. This actual quote may give you a hint: Dr. Richard Crout, Director of the FDA Bureau of Drugs, once wrote in a 1982 newsletter: “I never have and never will approve a new medicine to an individual, but only to a large pharmaceutical firm with unlimited finances.”

In 2010, the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) annual budget was $5.2 billion. Dr. Burzynski never got a penny from that institute. All of his research into antineoplastons over the past 35 years has been self-funded. As a matter of fact, the NCI was a partner in the conspiracy to put Burzynski away and patent his patented discoveries for themselves.

Holistic Dr. Julian Whitaker, owner of the California Whitaker Wellness Institute summed it up this way:
“How can the US Patent office be corrupted to the point they issue patents for a medical treatment that’s already been patented and issue them to someone who had nothing to do with their discovery or use? And how can the Patent office then assign these fraudulent patents to some of the most powerful institutions in the American government? And, imagine, all of this was done while these same agencies were spending millions of taxpayer dollars [over $60 million] trying to put Dr. Burzynski in jail, so he could not fight the criminal theft of his discovery!” Profit based medicine can be very nasty business, worse than even the most cynical imagine! Well over $2 million dollars was spent trying to put nutritional and holistic Dr. Jonathan Wright’s renowned Tahoma Clinic out of business with their last attack over petty license issues that the state agency who was suing him helped create!

Dr. Wright had won out over the FDA’s previous petty and false accusations that involved millions more taxpayer money to suppress empirically proven (observed or experienced) better health and healing options. The AMA and FDA like to dismiss empiricism as anecdotal, by the way. They prefer trials run by medicine companies that have often been proven to be altered and falsified in some way.

Back to Texas, Utopia Silver’s own MD/ND health coach and consultant, Dr. Ken O’Neal, was an MD involved for 30 years with the very valid arm of allopathic medicine, ER trauma. When he went into private practice he became more holistic as he studied and obtained a Doctorate degree in Naturopathy. That’s when the Texas Medical Board swarmed on him after three patients on death’s doorstep who had been referred to him as a last ditch effort died. Of course collectively all doctors loose 100% of their patients at some point since everyone will pass away of some disease or old age, but it usually doesn’t count against them as long as they are using what is called the “standard of care”.

Dr. Ken was offered a deal to keep his Texas Medical Board issued license to practice. He could keep his MD license if he adhered to certain stipulations which were to stop using alternative healing and healthcare in his practice and use only the so-called the medical “standard of care”. The medical “standard of care” term is simply medical industry code-speak for prescribing medicines to manage disease symptoms and not using natural alternative practices and supplementation to actually prevent and cure diseases. He refused the offer and his Medical “license” to “practice” in mainstream hospitals and clinics as an ND (naturopathic doctor) instead of being forced to prescribe chemicals that did more harm than good. (Note: Having a license to practice in medicine based “standard of care” facilities in no way compromises one’s medical degree earned from approved schools of medicine. One who has earned a Doctorate in a field of study is still a doctor with all the knowledge and experience that goes with it.)

Know that too much of your taxpayer money and insurance payments are used to keep you ignorant, unhealthy, and paying your respects to the godfathers of the medical mafia. Maybe it’s time to begin insisting on a health freedom amendment, something that’s part of the Mexican constitution, I’ve been told. You can start here with the Alliance for Natural Health’s (ANH) action alert petition to the AMA.