Addressing COPD Naturally-Part 2

Jan. 25, 2018; by Tony Isaacs; (SilverBulletin e-News Magazine; Addressing COPD Naturally. Mainstream medicine says that COPD is not fully reversible, but, as noted above, like many other conditions, that is only true when using mainstream medicine as the only treatment option. The fact is that COPD has been and can be reversed with natural treatments, although in the case of COPD, a complete reversal may not be easy and will likely take a persistent effort over a prolonged period of time. It can, however, be time well spent.

It may not be possible to ever get rid of all the blebs, bullae and scarring in the lungs, but with persistent and consistent efforts you should be able to get rid of enough of them and heal your lungs to the point of regaining full lung function. There are, in fact, many reports of success against COPD using various treatments and herbs. For example, one report on one of the internet’s most popular alternative healing websites, CureZone, detailed how a man was able to reverse his COPD entirely by consistently nebulizing multiple times a day with colloidal silver for almost two years.

Nebulizing is what you do when you use a simple device called a nebulizer which enables you to breathe in a mist of liquids placed in the nebulizer. Nebulizing can be an excellent tool for opening up and healing congested and infected lungs and this author considers it to be absolutely essential for successfully addressing COPD.

With really bad COPD, nebulizing may be difficult at first due to the build-up of gunk (such as fluid and mucus) in the lungs. The same is true for severe congestion from bronchial infections and asthma. Until the congestion is lessened, one should not overdo nebulizing because it could initially result in even more fluid in the lungs and could potentially be dangerous. However, that does not mean one should not nebulize at all.

Perhaps a good plan would be to try to get some of the gunk out with minimum nebulizing at first and then increase the nebulizing until one is able to nebulize with a full treatment three times daily. If it were this author, I would take two capsules of the extra strength version of an outstanding Chinese herbal formula known as ClearLungs. It has 14 different herbs which all have beneficial properties for the lungs and healing. This author has used it many times and it does a great job of getting rid of the gunk out helping clear up bronchial infections and congestion. Here is a list of the herbs contained in ClearLungs and brief descriptions of their beneficial properties:

Hoelen – Balances fluids and supports healthy respiratory membranes.

Dong Qua– Tonic and blood builder.

Ophiopogon – Balances fluids, supports healthy respiratory membranes.

Scute – Supports healthy tissue.

Platycodon – Supports a healthy immune system.

Citrus – Supports the lungs and circulatory system.

Morus Root – Supports normal tissue repair.

Fritillary – Supports normal tissue repair.

Chinese Asparagus root – Supports proper lung function.

Almonds – Supports proper fluid balance.

Gardenia – Supports proper lung and liver function.

Schizandra – Helps support normal mucus secretion.

Licorice – Supports the adrenal glands.

If this author had COPD, in addition to continuing to take the ClearLungs capsules three times daily This author would also nebulize three times daily with colloidal silver, mullein extract, lobelia extract and the liquid version of ClearLungs in the ratio of 5 parts colloidal silver* to 1 part mullein, 1 part lobelia and 1 part ClearLungs. That combo has worked very, very well for this author and his better half as well as many people we have recommended it to.

Nebulizing with the recommended items is going to REALLY bring the gunk out, so much so that you may have to work your way up to the amount nebulized and the number of times you nebulize each day, for the reasons noted above. But hang in there, it will be well worth it. The combo will also help greatly in healing the lungs. Besides the healing properties of ClearLungs, colloidal silver* is a wonderful healer for damaged lungs the same as it is for damaged tissue throughout the body.

This author would also take lots of digestive enzymes, including serrapeptase, three times daily on an empty stomach. The suggested combination of digestive enzymes is at least 6 quality all around digestive enzymes capsules, 1 or 2 500mg bromelain capsules and 1 or 2 high potency serrapeptase capsules taken three times a day on an empty stomach. Digestive enzymes taken in quantity multiple times a day can actually dissolve scar tissue (fibrin) and they appear to reverse blebs and bullae as well. If you can get rid of much of the fluid and air pockets and the lung scar tissue you will be off to a great start!

Many natural health figures believe that the best digestive enzyme products are those which contain chymotripsin. Some of the best all around products this author is aware of which contain chymotripsin are: Garden of Life’s outstanding OmegaZymes, W-Zymes Xtra Recovery Zymes, Univase Forte Proteolytic Enzymes and Synergy’s Mega Digestive Enzymes. Another outstanding enzyme product is Jon Barron’s Proteolyic Enzymes from Baseline of Health. Note that some of those products can be quite pricey, which is why this author opts for Recovery Zymes when money is tight (otherwise the choice would be OmegaZymes).

In addition to digestive enzymes, this author would also take plenty of colloidal silver* internally, MSM, and a couple of capsules twice daily of the supplement OxyActin.

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Blebs, Bullae and Spontaneous Pneumothorax

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