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Section 3: Editorials & Opinions


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What are warts?
Warts are non-cancerous skin growths caused by a viral infection in the top layer of the skin. Viruses that cause warts are called human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are usually skin-colored and feel rough to the touch, but they can be dark, flat and smooth. The appearance of a wart depends on where it is growing.

How many kinds of warts are there?
There are several different kinds of warts including:

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  • Common warts 
  • Foot (Plantar) warts 
  • Flat warts 

Common warts - usually grow on the fingers, around the nails and on the backs of the hands. They are more common where skin has been broken, for example where fingernails are bitten or hangnails picked. These are often called "seed" warts because the blood vessels to the wart produce black dots that look like seeds.

Foot warts - are usually on the soles (plantar area) of the feet and are called plantar warts. When plantar warts grow in clusters they are known as mosaic warts. Most plantar warts do not stick up above the surface like common warts because the pressure of walking flattens them and pushes them back into the skin. Like common warts, these warts may have black dots. Plantar warts have a bad reputation because they can be painful, feeling like a stone in the shoe.

Flat warts - are smaller and smoother than other warts. They tend to grow in large numbers - 20 to 100 at any one time. They can occur anywhere, but in children they are most common on the face. In adults they are often found in the beard area in men and on the legs in women. Irritation from shaving probably accounts for this.

How do you get warts?
Warts are passed from person to person, sometimes indirectly. The time from the first contact to the time the warts have grown large enough to be seen is often several months. The risk of catching hand, foot, or flat warts from another person is small.

Testimonial 1
I want to let you know what it has done to me. I am new with it, I have used only two bottles so far. I had a wart in my left hand , but after probably 30 days of having applied the solution to it, the wart just fell off -or I scraped it off. Second. My teeth are very uneven and hardly a day go by that I don't bite my cheeks to raw flesh. Often the next morning, after holding colloidal solution a minute or two in my mouth in the evening, they are completely healed. Before I seldom had my mouth without any biting. To me it is close to a miracle. 

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Testimonial 2
I came across your web site and bought a small bottle of colloidal silver because one of your testimonials said they had luck with curing warts. My young 8-year-old daughter was embarrassed by warts that had not gone away with Compound W, which had a strong odor and just didn't seem to work. On the first application of colloidal silver, about half the wart dissolved. A few more applications after that, and it was gone! We were SHOCKED at the speed of it's healing. I think the Compound W treatment calls for weeks and weeks of application.

Testimonial 3
Colloidal silver did it! It got rid of a planter's wart that I'd had for over 10 years. I'd tried everything - many home remedies, herbal preparations, essential oils, even went to the doc and said, "cut it off!!" and he wouldn't...instead sent me to the drugstore for the patches that don't work. I know because I applied them diligently for over a year and the dang wart actually spread out and got bigger! I started using the silver on it last fall 2-3x per week...I'd spray it on it, then I'd put some on the pad of a band aid and put that on it. I was skeptical but I kept it up and it worked. A planter's wart may not seem like a big deal but it's so nice to have it gone! 

Thank you so much.

Testimonial 4
Dear ,

In 1989 I was victim of non Hodgkin's lymphoma, for 2 years I had chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant. one night in 92 I heard my specialist say "to contact my family as I wouldn't live another day". I prayed that night not to get well but to go to Heaven if their were such a place, at this time I was not a Christian, well God in his Grace pulled me through, from that day until this very moment I have never had any medication for the cancer that threatened my life, in 97 I gave my life to Him, the greatest physician. Today I use colloidal silver which has healed psoriasis on my leg after 3 years suffering with annoying itch and scaling, removed my warts almost overnight, thank you for the opportunity to 1, praise God, 2. tell of the wonders of these products. Today I tend to buy the gold as there are a few problems in my life caused by the two years of chemotherapy, bad circulation being the worst of them, I will let you know the results. God bless you for your healing power.

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Testimonial 5
Just had to let you know about the excellent results that has happened to a client of mine. About 8 months ago, Linda came to me with a mass of plantar warts, that spread from the top part of her heal cushion to middle of arch on one foot, and a smaller mass near the toes of the other foot. All her toenails are thick and fungused. She has been doctoring for app 20 years, having all sorts of hurtful treatments. All to no
permanent success. The only thing that I could think of was to soak her feet in the anti-fungal foot bath for 10 minutes, scrape the surface of the warts with the pedi-blade and spray with Colloidal silver. I told her that sometimes, warts are not cured by the CS, but it was worth a try. She has been very diligent in soaking a cotton ball each morning and evening and allowing it to sit over the warts for a min of 10 minutes. she was coming to me every month, but it didn't seem to be helping her much. She had some blood tests done and
was told that she had Chicken Pox virus in her blood, and they wanted to keep testing her blood to make sure
she really didn't have Chicken Pox. I suggested to her that we should try to scrape her feet on a weekly basis to see
if that would help. I also suggested that after the CS dried to apply Tee Tree Oil, as it too has been successful in
treating fungus and viruses. Chicken Pox and warts are a virus. I told her that I had read somewhere that if a skin
irritation is cleared up by CS, then comes back, the culprit that is causing the skin irritation is usually coming from inside the body and maybe she should try taking 1 to 3 teaspoons a day. Well, being skeptical, she declined. Over the next several weeks, we talked more about the positive health benefits for people who took CS. I gave her all my printed testimonials from you, and she decided to take a teaspoon a day. Well, were we surprised when the warts started to become smaller. The large mass has been gone for 6 weeks
now. The smaller mass still has 2, but she admits she has not been as diligent as she was in the beginning, but would
get back into the routine.
I also do hair at a seniors lodge. Several of the ladies have itchy scalp and what appear to be warts on their scalps. I
started talking to them about CS. I made up some silver for the 2 ladies who were willing to treat themselves with the it. One lady, has been spraying the silver on her scalp (3 times a day) one week longer than the other lady. I too, am amazed at how much smaller the wart like eruptions seem to be. No
more itchy scalps and the second lady says her hair has stopped falling out. They won't take it orally, but if I keep
talking, maybe someday they will and will notice even better results.
Thanks for your newsletters and also thanks to those people who write in their testimonials. Your experiences will help more and more people over the coming days.
La Verne Dykstra

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Testimonial 6
I recently learned about and began using CS about a month ago.
I began taking it because I was feeling run down and was healing slowly.
just on a whim a placed a drop on a wart I have had on my finger since 1983, covered it with a bandaid .
A week later the wart has shrunk by 75% and looks like it will go away for good.
I placed it on a rash of pus filled skin bumps I have had ever since I
was a kid and they have begun to dissapear as well. CS is a miracle cure. It has cured every ailment of mine that has a pathogen as a root cause.
My quality of life has improved tremendously.

Thank you,
Jesse Salcedo

Testimonial 7

From Rev. Ruth Koch
Such great things are happening because of taking colloidal silver. My hair was thinning around face and taking colloidal silver. It is all growing in. I had growth on my wrists. I just rubbed colloidal silver on it every night. After two weeks it was totally gone. Praise the Lord. I also took it internally. I also had a big wart removed from my head. Sinus is healed.
Yeast infection I have had for years from antibiotics was totally healed. No more. That was the same time as the grown on wrists. Pain in knees and ankles completely gone. I give the Lord and colloidal silver all the Glory. Medicine and antibiotics can't cure it has been proven. My husband had prostate and bladder surgery and started swelling. He took 3 ounces of the colloidal silver and all the swelling and distention left. He locally applied to his shoulder where he had a pin in his shoulder for years. Got very painful. He applied it locally and all the pain left. His eyes are so much better and he sprays it in his eyes every night. His strength and energy has so increased. Praise the Lord!. There are so many testimonies from church people that we got to take colloidal silver. From edema in fee and legs. Asthma, growths gone, Diabetes better. Throats healed. Arthritis gone. I could go on and on. Praise to the Lord. Keep up the work, brother Bill. Antibiotics are not the answer. Colloidal silver is. In Him, our Blessed Jesus, Rev. Ruth and Raymond Koch, Hemet, CA.

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Testimonial 8
I have been taking Colloidal Silver for about 4 months now. I was looking for a way to get rid of a plantar wart on my foot that had been bothering me for 6 months. I didn't want surgery or to have it burned off. I applied it topically and took 1Tbl. twice a day for a week. The pain was gone, and it went completely away within another week! I take a small amount daily, a little more if I feel like I might be coming down with something, and I never get sick. Antibiotics do not usually work for me, and as I have had my spleen removed, I was looking for a way to boost my immune system. I am so sold on it, I refer you to all my co workers and clients ( I am a massage therapist) and have a great number of people who are open to alternative treatments. Thank you SO much. You have a great product at a great price. I can afford to take it daily.

Sandy J. Atascadero, CA


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