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Section 3: Editorials & Opinions

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Back Pain

Nearly everyone has back pain at some time. About 20% of people have some form of back pain each year. Back pain is the most common cause of disability for people under the age of 45. Back pain can be in different locations. Pain can be in the neck, upper back and shoulders, and the lower back. Often nonspecific back pain results from stresses on the muscles and ligaments that support the spine. Sometimes it is hard to find the cause of the pain.

Low back pain may involve the muscles, joints, or nerves of the lower back. It may also be referred pain, which means the pain is actually coming from another organ, such as the kidneys.

Kidneys and Adrenal Glands

Kidneys and Adrenal Glands

  1. Adrenal Gland
  2. Artery
  3. Vein
  4. Kidney
  5. Ureter
Diagnosing Back Pain

Diagnosis of low back pain begins with a medical history and physical exam. Depending on the suspected cause of the problem, the provider may order diagnostic tests, such as:

  • blood and urine tests
  • a bone scan
  • CT or MRI scans
  • an electromyogram, or EMG, which measures muscle response to nerve stimulation
  • a myelogram, which uses a contrast agent and X-rays to detect abnormalities along the spine
  • a nerve conduction velocity test, or NCV, which measures transmission along the nerve
Causes and Risks of Back Pain

The exact cause of back pain may be hard to find. Pain can come from muscles, ligaments, nerves, discs, or bones. People who are inactive are especially at risk. Inactive people are not conditioned. They are prone to strains when they use their back. Other risk factors include the following:

  • advancing age
  • frequent or heavy lifting
  • overweight or obesity
  • poor posture
  • repetitive movements, including twisting
  • smoking

Low back pain may be caused by a number of spinal disorders. Following are some common causes:

  • fibromyalgia, a condition that causes trigger points in body tissues, including the low back
  • osteomyelitis, or bone infection
  • ruptured disks, which involve the soft disks between the vertebrae of the spine
  • spinal degeneration, which may involve arthritis
  • spinal stenosis, or narrowing of the disk spaces with aging
  • sprains or strains of the muscles and other soft tissue in the back
  • tumors of the spine


Compression Fracture of the Vertebrae

1. Compression Fracture of the Vertebrae

A person with disorders of certain body organs may experience referred pain in the low back. These disorders include:

  • aneurysms
  • appendicitis
  • kidney disease
  • ovarian disorders
  • pelvic inflammatory disease, and other infections in the pelvic area
  • urinary tract infection
  • Following are risk factors that increase a person's risk for low back pain:
  • activities, such as driving a car, that pass vibrations along the spine
  • lack of physical activity
  • obesity
  • old age
  • smoking
Signs and Symptoms of Back Pain

Low back pain may range from a dull ache to severe, disabling pain. The individual may have related symptoms, including the following:

  • decreased ability to flex the knee
  • decreased ability to move the foot and toes in certain directions
  • numbness, burning, or tingling in the leg
  • pain that travels down the leg to the back of the thigh and calf

Other specific symptoms include:

  • muscle spasms
  • pain in the lower or upper back
  • pain that radiates to the thighs, buttocks, or arms tenderness when the back is touched

Back pain can be unbearable. It can also be just a nagging annoyance. A healthcare provider should be seen if the pain is severe, lasts more than a few days, or keeps a person from daily activities.

Long-Term Effects of Back Pain

Low back pain is a leading cause of disability and missed work in developed countries. Those affected may be unable to perform activities they enjoy. Chronic pain can result in depression, lack of productivity, and drug abuse. If there is nerve damage, the person may have weakness, numbness, and loss of muscle mass. Low back pain is not contagious and poses no risk to others.

Prevention of Back Pain

Proper lifting techniques are important to avoid a ruptured disk. These techniques can be enhanced by the use of an abdominal support belt. Other preventive measures are as follows:

  • regular physical activity
  • rest breaks to interrupt long periods of vibration, such as driving a car
  • smoking cessation for individuals who smoke
  • weight management for people who are obese
Back Pain Treatment

Low back pain caused by strains or sprains will get better on its own within four weeks, with or without treatment. People with more serious conditions, such as a ruptured disk, may benefit from treatment. A ruptured disk is generally treated conservatively at first. Following are some initial treatments that may be used:

  • anti-inflammatory pain medication, such as ibuprofen, ketoprofen, flurbiprofen, or naproxen
  • activity limitations
  • application of heat
  • massage
  • muscle relaxants, such as carisoprodol
  • a specialized exercise program

If conservative treatment is not successful, the healthcare provider may recommend surgery. The following operations may be helpful for people who have a ruptured disk:

  • diskectomy or laminectomy, which allows the surgeon to remove the ruptured disk and relieve nerve pressure
  • injection of chymopapain, an enzyme, into the disk to dissolve it
  • nucleoplasty, which involves inserting a needle into the disk and applying heat with a special instrument
  • spinal fusion, which involves the joining of two or more vertebrae
Treatment Side Effects

Side effects of medicines include allergic reactions and stomach upset. Surgery is associated with a risk of infection, bleeding, and allergic reaction to anesthesia.

After conservative treatment of a ruptured disk, a person can usually resume activity as tolerated. Symptoms may recur every now and then, requiring repeated treatment. Ninety percent of the time, surgery relieves symptoms and the person can slowly resume normal activities. Physical therapy can be helpful to teach appropriate body mechanics and lifting techniques. Any new or worsening symptoms should be reported to the healthcare provider.

Testimonial 1 
I had been trying for about a week to cure a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) on my own with lots of cranberry juice and water. The morning that I woke up with severe back pain I decided it was time to go to the doctor. I went to see Dr. Shiva in San Antonio where he did a urinalysis and said that I didn't have any infection. He then had me do various range of motion exercises to determine my back injury which had my back screaming in pain. He took X-rays and said that I had Muscle Spasms in my back. He gave me a pain shot, and prescriptions for muscle relaxers and pain pills. $198.00 later I was at home, drugged up and in severe pain. This was on a Friday. On Monday, still in pain, still experiencing worsening UTI symptoms, I went to see Dr. Harry Hernandez in San Antonio. He tested me and found a severe UTI. He gave me the generic drug which he said worked about 75% of the time and was about $100.00 cheaper. He told me to come back in 10 days and he would retest me, free of charge. I went back 10 days later and still had traces of infection. He gave me 4 pills of the name brand drug, but I still had to buy 4 more, through a prescription, they were $10.00 each, but he said that this one would knock it out for sure. Relieved that I didn't have to worry about that anymore, me and my husband took off to Mississippi to visit relatives. About four days into our trip I was horrified to start feeling the symptoms reappear. I had a bottle of Colloidal Silver that my sister had given me which I had been using as a topical agent only, I had been leery of taking it orally, but at this point I was getting desperate. I took one capful and another capful that night. The next morning I didn't notice any more symptoms. I now take one capful a day and am leaving on another trip in the morning. I feel much safer knowing that I have my Colloidal Silver with me. 

Tina Gullick 
San Antonio, Texas

Testimonial 2
I thank God for you and for everyone at Utopia Silver. I have been  silent since you sent me the generator. I later came to Dallas and bought  some more silver wire 2". Back home here in Kenya silver is doing wonders.  I have an Aunty who is HIV+ and is on ARV drugs and she has already picked up so fast back to her normal duties like everyone of us, thanks  to CS. Many friends have tried it with a lot of success. The success rate of CS can not be documented in this letter. The cases are so pitiful,  the individuals most in abject poverty and they can only thank God for  CS which has come to so many as help after the doctors have given up on them.  Success stories range from chest congestion and lung infections, back pains, joint pains and weakness, wounds sores and rashes, fever  and colds caused by a myriad of pathogens. I remember a lady with TB  recently from the slums of Kibera here in Nairobi, she had been to hospital and was discharged but still in a lot of pain and continuous  coughing -- she took CS 20ppm for three days and the fourth day the neighbours were asking whether she had passed away because there was  no more coughing noise from her house. She is thanking God for the  relief she has gotten from CS. 

Simon M. 
[Though Simon mentions the successful use of colloidal silver in many cases as a last resort, we highly recommend its use as a first resort since it is so non-obstrusive, inexpensive and  broadly effective against a host of health problems. Keep in mind this is just our experience and is not meant to insinuate or claim that colloidal silver has been proven safe and effective against any malady according to FDA standards.]

Advanced Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Gold and the other supplements we sell are not drugs and the information and opinions we offer are based upon use of these products as dietary supplements only. No statements contained on this website or in any material or communication generated by Utopia Silver Supplements are to be construed as claims or representations that any of our products are offered as drugs for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease. We recommend that you do comprehensive research about colloidal silver, colloidal gold and all dietary supplements in general before accepting our opinions or the opinions of anyone else about how to care for your health.

We have no doctors on staff and do not offer medical advice concerning colloidal silver, colloidal gold or any other dietary supplements. Although you may choose to supplement with colloidal silver, colloidal gold, and other mineral and vitamin supplements we suggest that you consult a healthcare professional, preferably a qualified naturopathic doctor or one who has been trained in integrative medicine if you have a life or health threatening illness.

Utopia Silver Supplements has not solicited any governmental agency to evaluate or render approval for any statements, opinions, comments, testimonials, descriptions, advertisements, research and/or studies cited on this website and NONE OF THE STATEMENTS CONTAINED HEREIN SHALL BE CONSTRUED AS CLAIMS OR REPRESENTATIONS THAT ANY UTOPIA SILVER SUPPLEMENTS PRODUCT IS OFFERED AS A DRUG FOR THE DIAGNOSIS, CURE, MITIGATION,TREATMENT OR PREVENTION OF DISEASE.

Utopia Silver Supplements, its' ownership, management and employees do not assume the role of representative, fiduciary or surety on behalf of any agency(s), person(s), or individual(s) unless expressly agreed to in writing with full disclosure. Anyone purchasing our supplements and/or products is presumed to be a responsible Men and Women with certain God-given unalienable Rights who are making an informed decision about their healthcare. Lawful Notice & Disclaimers

This business for livelihood is conducted within the boundaries of the organic State of Texas, The United States of America. Common Law Copyright & Trademark, 2005-2007 All Rights Are Reserved, Without Prejudice (UCC 1.308)

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