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Safe, Natural Treatment for Cysts

Testimonials of successful treatments -


A cyst is a closed pocket or pouch of tissue. It can be filled with air, fluid, pus, or other material. 


Cysts may form within any tissue in the body. Cysts within the lung generally are air-filled, while cysts involving the lymph system or kidneys are fluid-filled. Migrating parasites such as trichinosis, dog tapeworm (toxocara canis), and echinococcus form cysts within muscle, liver, brain tissue, the lungs, and the eye.

Cysts are common on the skin and develop as a result of infection, clogging of sebaceous glands, or around foreign bodies. They can also result from developmental abnormalities such as a pilonidal cyst (pilonidal dimple). 

Testimonial 1
I just wanted to give you a quick testimonial. I have systemic Candida and ovarian cysts. I've been using Colloidal Silver for a week now, and am already having Candida-die off! Of course, the die-off isn't pleasant, but I know an end is in sight. My Candida is so stubborn that I'm surprised how quickly the yeast is dying. As for my cysts, I was in terrible pain the beginning of this week. Yesterday, I took Colloidal Silver (1tsp) every hour, and the pain is gone! I mean, I was rolling in agony 2 days ago, and I only have the faintest ache now. 

This stuff is really great.
Anne F

Testimonial 2
Hello, I saw all the different testimonies about colloidal silver and I had to write and tell everyone about mine. 

About two and a half years ago I discovered a lump on my left testicle and got nervous thinking that it was cancer so I went to the doctor and got it checked out and he said it was a cyst and not to worry about it (I had an ultrasound done and it confirmed that it wasn't cancer) he said if it starts to hurt or if there is any change to come back. Well it started to hurt one day and it started to get really bad. 

For three months I went from one doctor to the next and they had no answers for me. They gave me prescriptions for pain pills, and for any man who's been kicked in the groin they know how I felt because it felt like that always. 

I started going to a pain clinic and missed much work (my job required much physical work and ten hours of standing working on an assembly line). 

One doctor even had the bright idea of putting a needle in my testicle and giving me a shot of cortizone. 
That was not a pleasant ordeal and I had several cortizone shots in the base of my spine which also sucked royally (the doctors didn't care though I had good insurance and they were making lots of money off of me) (not to mention turning me into an addict with all the pain pills). 

Anyways, to make a long painful story short, I discovered colloidal silver and within hours i noticed relief and the next morning I was pain free for the first time in 8 months. 

I told my doctor who is the chief urologist at a major university hospital and he was amazed at how this simple natural product had helped me so much. 

I told him to tell all of his patients about it and I hope he has because it saved my life. 

Now I should give credit where credit is due because if I hadn't quit drinking alcohol and quit taking pain pills and doing drugs and prayed to God I probably never would have found this miracle that surely saved my life. 

Yes, I thank God almighty for giving me this wonderful, natural remedy and I tell everyone to take it for just about any ailment that they have. 

Thank you and God bless everyone 

Testimonial 3
I have suffered from interstitial cystitis for almost 9 years and nothing I have tried has ever helped me until now. My niece also has I.C. and told me how the colloidal silver has helped her, even allowing her to eat fruit and drink coffee. I was skeptical but tried it and have been able to sleep for 6hrs. at a time, something that I'm rarely able to do. You can imagine how elated I am only a week after going on the silver. 

Meg Bishop

Testimonial 4
Hi Bill:

I just have to write you and let you know how well CS and Gold has helped me and my friend who just turned 84, and a
very energetic, person who is a avid back packer and fly fisher man, He has had three bouts of pancreatic attacks, been in the hospital the first time for 19 days and twice since. The last attack, when he was in the hospital, he was told he had a 5cent sudocyst on his pranceas, he was very
sick, I had already tried CS myself for various things and I asked him to try it, using CS twice a day, the cyst disappeared and hopefully he won't have another attack.
Thank you so much for finding me.

Marian, Sal. Ca.
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go to http://www.colloidalgold.com ]

Testimonial 5

Dear Bill,

Iím writing to offer another testimonial on the miraculous healing  properties of colloidal silver. I have suffered from sinusitis for  the past seven years. At first, I developed one or two sinus infections  a year, always after a cold, and they responded fairly quickly to  antibiotics, but over the years things got gradually worse. Finally,  last April, 2001, I developed the sinus infection from hell and  nothing I tried (and I tried everything!) had any effect on it  whatsoever. The infection, and everything that goes with it, went on  for ten miserable months! Anyone who has not suffered from sinusitis  would probably be surprised by how completely debilitating the  condition can be. For those of you whoíve been there, I donít need  to explain. Anyway, finally, in January of this year, I did a search  of the internet and discovered your website. I was living in Ireland  at the time, but you were willing to send me a bottle of colloidal  silver, and I will always be grateful to you for that. I used  colloidal silver religiously, and even so, the infection was so  entrenched that it took another month for the infection to clear up.  But, it did clear up! Truly a miracle!

By this time, my breathing was so impaired by scar tissue, polyps  and a cyst, that even without the infection, I decided I needed  surgery on my sinuses. I returned to the States, found an excellent  doctor and finally had the operation a month ago to clear all the  debris out of my sinus passages and cavities and have them widened.  A week after surgery, I developed a major post-operative infection.  Not surprising, since, according to my doctor, it looked like raw  hamburger meat in there! So, I tripled my colloidal silver intake  and began irrigating my sinuses two and three times a day with the  regular silver. Itís now been three weeks since I developed the  infection, during which time everything but the kitchen sink has  made its way out of my sinus cavities, and I am happy to report that  the infection is now gone. 

I feel great! My sinus passages are now so wide that it feels like  you could land a jumbo jet in there, and it is truly a pleasure to  be free of infection and breathing normally.[DISCLAIMER: We have no  documented cases of jumbo jet landings in cleared sinus cavities]

Colloidal silver has changed my life. It really is a little immune  system in a bottle, as one of your other customers observed. I tell  everyone who will listen about its amazing healing properties, and  other lives are being changed, as well. For example, my Mom has suffered  from a very painful condition called "lichen planus" for the past  eight years. Periodically, she gets an ulcerated rash in her mouth, which is  treated with steroid injections directly into her tongue! [OUCH!]She was  going to go for another injection this week, but I persuaded her to  try colloidal silver first. Three days later, she is completely free  of symptoms and has been walking around saying, "Itís a miracle!  Itís a miracle! This is the first relief Iíve had in eight years!"  Isnít that great?! Iím so happy for her. I feel like it was worth  going through everything Iíve gone through this year, just so I  could learn about colloidal silver and be able to help my Mom in  this way. Other family members will follow, no doubt. Mom and I have  been making a list of everyone else who would benefit from this  product and we will be looking for the right time and the right way  to let them know about it!

Ireland needs this product, Bill. Iím just putting this out because  so many people there suffer from sinusitis (the climate is so moist,  especially in Co. Clare), and they are not getting the help they need.  I saw several specialists while in Ireland and they all told me I was  just going to have to learn to live with my sinus condition. That  felt like a death sentence. I was so depressed and unhappy. Lots of  Irish people are just shuffling through life, tired and in pain because  of this condition. I am not a business woman, but I know an untapped  market when I see one. I have connections at an alternative health clinic in Killaloe, Co. Clare. I intend to tell them about colloidal  silver and to try to persuade them to offer the product to their  patients. If theyíre interested, would you be willing to supply them? Iíll be returning to Ireland in July.

Thank you for making colloidal silver available, and for the newsletter. Itís a great educational tool.

Sincerely, Tara McKinney 
[Ah, Lassie, we'll be shippin' to ya!]

Testimonial 6
I am amazed by this product! I purchased colloidal silver hoping for some relief from allergies and sinus infections. Much to my surprise, after taking approx. 1 teaspoon / day for less than 2 weeks, I have had over 90% reduction in evidence of fibrocystic breast disease. The largest cyst - approx. 5" long x 3/4" wide - is completely gone! I am recommending colloidal silver to everyone I know!

[This is a new one on us but we just report, you have to decide]

Testimonial 7
Hi Bill,
I have been receiving your newsletter for quite awhile now. I looked  up sites for my Dad and yours seemed to be the most interesting! I  read everything you write! I print out every newsletter for Dad each  time I get them! Now "I" have a few family testimonials! My 82 yr. old Aunt Boo had skin cancer on her leg in two places. She  had one spot taken off by a dermatologist and was due to take the other  off when Dad had told her about him making a Generator to make  Colloidal Silver Water. She decided to put it on topically three times a day with a Q-tip swab. In less than a week, the skin cancer  that she was due to have remove had gotten a scab on it and fell off. Dad's HBa1c (3 month diabetes test) came down points since using it!  He had a cyst on his back and treated it with everything. He was ready  for his family Dr. to refer a surgeon when he thought, I make this for  everyone and he hears of all the people he has helped by just giving a  bottle of silver water to them. So he started applying it topically a  few times a day. It took a while, but finally it reduced in size until  it finally went away completely. He praises silver water! We use it for everything, topically and internally. I even use it in  my cat's water bowl, as my Persian cat had runny eyes and no longer  suffers that problem. 


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