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Colloidal Gold Vs. Bipolar Depression


Testimonials of successful treatments for bipolar depression -

Shortly after Discovering colloidal silver in 1998, we found out about colloidal gold. Since our experience with silver had been so good, we decided to give gold a try. Now, I would not be without it. It has changed my life! It has completely revolutionized the way I look at things. What used to be daunting is now easy. What used to be confusing is now clear. Events that used to depress me are now just small challenges. Every phase of my mental, emotional, and even spiritual life has improved. Exactly why and how it works is still a mystery, though there are some theories that seem to make sense.

Man has used gold for thousands of years as a dietary supplement. The Chinese have used gold leaf to gild their food. Even today in China, the belief in the restorative properties of gold remain intact in rural villages, where peasants cook their rice with a gold coin to replenish the gold in their bodies. Alexandria, Egypt was believed to have been the original founding place for the use of gold in medicine by a group of adepts known as Alchemists. The alchemists developed an "elixir" made of liquid gold which purportedly had the ability to restore youth and perfect health. Paracelsus, one of the greatest known alchemist/chemists, founded the school of iatrochemistry, the chemistry of medicines, which is the forerunner of modern pharmacology. He developed medicines from metallic minerals including gold, to cure the sick. Many of his patients had been considered beyond help by the physicians of his time. Later, alchemy spread to Arabia then throughout the Middle East to India and China and eventually Europe. Europeans have long been aware of the benefits of gold in the system and have been buying gold-coated pills and 'Gold Water' over the counter for well over 100 years.

Besides being a great morale booster and healer, dietary gold is an effective but subtle pain reliever. Gold salts are injected into arthritic joints to relieve pain. These gold shots are very effective and are still used extensively today, but their long term use is precluded because of problems with the kidneys. Colloidal gold as it is made by the process we use in our product contains no salts, but rather pure particles of metallic gold. These particles do not react chemically in the body but rather pass on through the body and are easily eliminated. There are many arthritis sufferers, including my own 96 year old father who are living a much more comfortable life with colloidal gold in their system. There is a study on our web site www.colloidalgold.com which shows great benefit of colloidal gold in arthritis patients.

Colloidal gold also seems to have a very powerful effect on mental acuity, i.e., it makes you smarter. In a controlled laboratory study, a group enjoyed an increased IQ of over 20%. The results of that study can be seen on our web site. As a personal anecdote: Our grandson, Eric was a borderline ADHD child in preschool. We started him on both colloidal gold and colloidal silver when he started first grade. Not only was he the only child in his class to have perfect attendance, which we attribute to the health benefits of colloidal silver, but he made straight A's and was called "an exemplary student" by his teacher. He is now an honor student in third grade. 

The Spiritual Connection 

Though one does not need to be spiritually minded to benefit from colloidal gold, some may make the same scriptural connection as I did on reading the account of Moses and the "Golden Calf" in the book of Exodus. When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments from God, he found that the people had taken their jewelry and fashioned themselves a god in the form of a "golden calf." "They sat down to eat and drink and got up to play." In effect, they got tired of waiting for Moses and the things of God and decided to party and worship an idol. God called them "stiff-necked" or stubborn. Then, in Exodus 32, in verses 19 and 20 it says: 19 "And it came to pass, as soon as he came nigh unto the camp, that he saw the calf, and the dancing: and Moses' anger waxed hot, and he cast the tables out of his hands, and brake them beneath the mount. 20 And he took the calf which they had made, and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder, and stowed it upon the water, and made the children of Israel drink of it."

This is the first prescription given in the history of mankind, colloidal gold. It was prescribed for anxiety and impatience then. It still works for these and many other symptoms today. 


One of the most illusive and desired of personality qualities, willpower seems to be greatly enhanced by the use of colloidal gold. Practitioners have used gold as a treatment for "dipsomania" which is the uncontrollable desire for alcohol. Many drug addicts have told us of their loss of appetite for drugs after a few days of colloidal gold use. It can help with weight control for those who really want to lose weight. In my case, after using it for a week or so, I found myself waking up early in the morning with a brain full of creative ideas and the ability to follow through on them. Today, years later, it is my habit to rise at 4 or 5 AM most mornings. I attribute this to my continuous use of colloidal gold as a mineral supplement. I would not be without it.

Some people use colloidal gold for a few months and then stop using it with the results lasting on. It would seem, some people had some issues to deal with, mentally and emotionally. Having dealt with them successfully, they move on. Others seem to derive no benefit from its use. These tend to be people who are already very squared away in life. Maybe their brains are already working at optimum levels. 


I have found great benefit personally in the emotional area. My wife will tell you I am a much easier person to live with. This has greatly enhanced the joy in our marriage. I can attest to her better mood as well. I have a new philosophy that I have adopted in these last several "Golden Years," When some problem crops up, I say, "It is not the end of the world, it is not the beginning, it is just somewhere in between." It is the philosophy of "don't get pushed out of shape by every little bump in life's road, just calmly and confidently deal with it and go on." Emotional ups and downs, depression and exultation, that "roller coaster" feeling is smoothed out with colloidal gold. My brother who is four years older was in such a bad state the doctors had him on Zoloft, the antidepressant that is like Prozac. He started on colloidal gold almost two years ago and is living a happy life now with no drug side effects. 

Side Effects 

The great thing about colloidal gold is the subtlety of its effects. There is no "drugged" feeling at any time. Many people say they don't feel anything, they just feel happier. That has been my experience. It seems easier to see the effect in someone else than in yourself. 

The Solution for the Soul 

We call colloidal silver the "Solution for the Body." Colloidal gold is "The Solution for the Soul." The soul is comprised of the mind, the will, and the emotions. Colloidal gold addresses all three of these facets of the human person in a subtle though effective way. For the third time in this discourse, I repeat, "I would not be without it." 

Here is a testimonial by one of our employees, Lindy. She is only one of countless people who are getting great results with colloidal gold. My own brother, plagued with depression was on Zoloft and found relief with colloidal gold. Following Lindy's testimonial are several others from this last week.

Testimonial 1
[Lindy's testimonial]

After the birth of my second child about 10 years ago, I had what I thought to be Post Partum depression (baby blues). I am ashamed to say I sometimes felt like doing harm to my children I was so depressed! In desperation, I sought medical help and ended up on Prozac, which I took for about 10 years. After a few weeks, things seemed to smooth out and I could cope pretty well. After a few years, I began to worry about getting hooked on the stuff and what it might do to my body. They just don't know about what it does long term. Several times I would try to stop taking it and would start slipping back and feeling the old way and had to keep taking it. Several months ago I started working for Utopia Silver here in Utopia, Texas. We are all just one happy family. We pray together at work and help each other when problems come up. I started taking colloidal silver and colloidal gold after hearing all the great testimonials and talking to all the people about how well they work. All along I was still taking the Prozac because I was afraid I would get like before. Well, that was about a month ago and I haven't felt better in my life. At last I am free of Prozac!

I just thank God for Colloidal Gold. There are no side effects. I just feel good and no big ups and downs, it is wonderful!


Testimonial 2 

[Here is that wild testimonial.] I am a business consultant who has worked in the field of human excellence, accelerated learning and success technologies for over 20 years. I originally started taking colloidal gold because I read that it could produce a 20% increase in I.Q. and I wanted to experiment for myself.

Having taken the product since roughly November of last year, it is my opinion that colloidal gold represents a critical and necessary nutrient, and is an extraordinary mind formula that produces incredible results. I now consider this supplement an actual necessity for my highest functioning, as well as a critical element in the increased success of my business.

I've certainly noticed more euphoria, confidence, well-being and happiness, but the most important results I've experienced have been an intensely sharpened mind, including noticeably increased verbal, auditory and linguistic intelligence; increased creative intelligence and spatial intelligence, and far better recall and memory.

I notice this in all areas, but particularly when I'm teaching and training, I am much more masterful, and seem to exhibit dramatically increased intelligence, wisdom and awareness. I feel as if somehow I've added an extra 10 years to my level of experience and expertise, but it's not 10 years that have made me smarter and wiser, it's the colloidal gold. There is just no question that I am functioning at a different level.

I've tried lots of stuff over the years, including some very expensive and exotic Chinese herbs that claim a special "mind formula", and I never noticed any results. With the colloidal gold, I noticed a big difference that was both immediate and progressive; in other words, the benefits seem to keep increasing over time. And I'm pretty sure I haven't peaked yet!

It's not just mental intelligence that's different. There's been a dramatic increase in spatial intelligence and physical coordination as well. I move faster, think faster, respond faster, and am more aware. I experience better coordination, not only in my martial arts, but also in the computer video games I play. For example, in both X-box and Playstation, my performance is really improved; I can do things that guys who have been playing for years can't even do, like expertly driving the James Bond car, which is really quite difficult and requires intense concentration and coordination.

Probably the most dramatic place I notice the effects of the colloidal gold is in my business. I actually now consider it a necessity for my work. I was always a successful and intelligent person, but now I'm smarter and more articulate, stimulating, effective and persuasive, not to mention more successful as result. The difference in verbal intelligence is really quite extraordinary.

In summation, I would say I am happier, more effective and functioning better than I ever have. I feel like a new person. TAKING COLLOIDAL GOLD CHANGES YOUR LIFE. I really believe that it is a powerful force for shaping one's destiny and can be the difference between mediocrity and roaring success.

I just bought 25 gallons of colloidal gold for my own use. The increased money I'm making from my business more than makes up for the cost, and the cost is quite reasonable to begin with. I also recommend the gold to my clients for bipolar depression and am seeing and hearing about remarkable results from them as well.

John McCoy: West Palm Beach, FL

Testimonial 3

I ordered the colloidal gold for my daughter in august 2001. she had been diagnosed with ADD 3 1/2 yrs ago, and has been on Ritalin for the past 3 yrs. I had been searching for an alternative to the Ritalin since I really did not want her on it, and it was not really helping her in school. she was still flunking all subjects, and not retaining anything. I figured why not try the colloidal gold, since it is just a mineral it would not hurt her if it did not work. Well, She has gone from being a borderline D/F student and was behind grade level, to getting all A's and B's and after one semester of school being on the "gold" she has a A-/B+ grade average. She can do her homework without any help from me. She is retaining information received and is now learning at grade level. Thanks for the product. My child is excited about learning and school again. 

Jackie - Sacramento, CA 
Best wishes to you all, hope Bill is mending well. 

Testimonial 4
Our 15 year old son (6'2", 225#) was diagnosed with bipolar depression 2 years ago. He  was put on Zyprexa and took that for about 1 year. He gained a lot weight and  was tired a lot. The doctor changed to Geodon and he remained on that until  the Blessed day. My husband and I had been thinking, for months, about  taking him off of the medication. We went to an alternative doctor and he  suggested that he become a total vegetarian (yeah, you tell a 15 year old he  can't have a soda, chips, or a burger!). He was acting like a zombie and  sleeping most of the day and had absolutely no ambition of any kind. He  also had heart palpitations, dizzy spells, and was even slurring his words at  times. We were to say the least worried. Any way, he extended his  prescription. Now, I had been buying silver at our local health food store  for other ailments that affected my family and it worked! I had found out  about it through your web site and a friend. I checked out your gold site  and there was the testimony from the man who gave it to his either grandson  or son (I can't find it now) Perhaps it was there as an answer! 

Anyway, we took our son off the Geodon the Tuesday after mother's day, I  bought a 2 ounce bottle of Gold at the health food store, ordered a supply of  silver and gold from you, and have him take a teaspoon a day. He is a new  person. He sleeps normally, has no heart palpitations, has no dizzy spells,  no more body aches, has joined the Civil Air Patrol, which he loves, and does  his school work and even wants more to do (we home school). My husband has  also started taking it as well for is joint pain. I take it every other day  and our 8 year old takes it like I do. 

Thank you so much for sharing your discovery and research with us. Utopia  Silver & Gold has touched our lives. As a believer, I am truly confident I  happened upon Utopia Silver not by chance but by Divine Intervention. Thank  you and God Bless you all.

Bonita Springs, Florida

[This is one of those stories which brings tears to our eyes since we have seen  these great results in our own family with the colloidal gold and therefore know  how true it is]

Testimonial 5
Dearest Denise,

Iím ordering an 8 oz. Bottle of Colloidal Gold. Thanks so much for letting me experience how good it is. It has helped calm my nerves. Thereís quite a bit of stress related to my husbandís health. He takes so many different kinds of prescription medications Ė 16 to be exact. My kids suggest I slip some Colloidal Silver into his coffee or water for the urinary infection heís had for years Ė so Iíve been doing that. The gold really helps me. I finally caught on to the silver generator, thanks for the help. 

Thank you,

Testimonial 6

Dear Bill,
I have been diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease and have trouble with my knee's, shoulders, wrists, etc. I have come to just accept that pain as part of my everyday life. 

One day I was at my mothers and was telling her that I thought I probably had a heel spur and she suggested that I try Colloidal Gold.

After taking it for a few days, not only did my heel pain go away, but my joint pain did too! I finished taking the bottle and after I had been out for about a week, my joint pain started seeping back in. Now I take a capful everyday, as part of my morning ritual and the pain is gone! 

Thank You,
Tina L. Gullick
[In the interest of full disclosure, Tina is my sister-in-law]

Testimonial 7
I have had depression for years and have been taking Zoloft for most of those. I also have tried others which didn't work. I always felt bad, had bad headaches, muscle pains, tired, ect. well, come to find out, I had fibromyalgia. my rhuematologist told me I had had it for a long time, like 20 years plus. well, I started with the gold, and I am amazed that it has already helped me. it has been about 2 weeks, and I am feeling more lively and motivated than I have for ages. plus, not being able to work, I am home all the time and it has helped!! even my friend from jr high school says I sound better on phone. I ordered the silver, and have been taking it for about a week, but not as regular as I should, but I know it is going to do something, if it works as good as the gold. thanks so much for the product!!

Kay j.

Testimonial 8
I always have felt sluggish on Monday. Bad mood, depression, just not wanting to get up and about. I have been taking the colloidal silver now for 6 months, recently re-ordered a good supply. Thank you again for making my life a little easier, as my Monday blues are not so bad anymore. My thoughts are good, & prayers are with all of us & the world.

Thank you,
Tracey, from Florida

Testimonial 9
Dear Utopia Silver Friends,
I have been holding off writing you, as I have been hesitant to claim my miracles, but today I felt the need to do so.

Last year I was infected, intentionally, with Genital herpes. It was a diagnosis that devastated me as it came about in a very unloving way from an abusive man. Every time I suffered an outbreak, I felt re-violated by the man that had infected me.

As a last resort, I followed a friend's advice and contacted you. You provided me with information and encouraged me to give it a try. Once I found out about Advanced Silver, I started taking that exclusively, along with Colloidal Gold, for depression and stress. That was 6 months ago.

Where I used to suffer a SEVERE outbreak each month... and was totally unable to eat chocolate or soy, as that guaranteed an outbreak, I have been totally free of herpes outbreaks upon taking my first dose. Stress no longer triggers an outbreak and I seem more resilient and hopeful... more full of Peace.

I was very skeptical but now feel hope.

I plan on allowing this miracle potion to work in my body for a few more months before I visit my Dr. and ask to be tested for the viral load again.

I will report to you what is/isn't found.

Also, Spring usually heralds in a horrible time of sinus infection for me... this year has proved to be no different. I felt AWFUL this afternoon and came home and snorted CS due to tremendous sinus headaches... hours later, the pain is GONE.

This winter, my family and I made it completely through the season WITHOUT getting sick. A true FIRST.

You have been there for me with hope and encouragement... not to mention quick shipment of my orders.

Thank you... for a new lease on life... and for providing me with a treatment that helps me feel free of an awful, violating presence. I thank God for you... and God bless our troops and America!

C in PT


Our products are not drugs and the opinions we present are based upon use of these products as Dietary Supplements. We recommend that you do comprehensive research before taking our word or the word of anyone else about how to care for your health.

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