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The USFDA has not rendered approval for any testimonials or statements on this website, nor have they approved any representations concerning dietary supplements on this website for the cure, diagnosis, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of any disease.

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Safe, Natural Abscess Treatment  
Testimonials of successful treatments -

A circumscribed collection of pus appearing in acute or chronic, localized infection, and associated with tissue destruction and, frequently, swelling. May be a cavity formed by liquefaction necrosis within solid tissue. Can affect any tissue of the body. Bones, tooth root, appendix, brain, gums, lungs, abdominal wall, gastrointestinal tract, ears, tonsils, sinuses, breasts, kidneys, prostate gland, almost any organ or tissue. A felon is a painful abscess, usually found on the end of a finger, thumb, or toe, near the nail. 

The abscess may be located internally or externally, possibly due to lowered resistance to infection that often leads to bacterial contamination or from an injury. The infections are the most common human disease and are produced by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. A felon is usually caused by some type of blow or injury that becomes infected. 

Pain, redness, swelling and usually some fever. 

Abscesses are commonly treated with antibiotics. We have found however that colloidal silver is quite effective against all of them. Below are some testimonials of users who have had successful results.

Testimonial 1 
I had an employee who came to work determined to put in his hours despite a swollen jaw from an abscessed tooth. I said, "okay, but put some colloidal silver on it every few hours." He did and by noon, the swelling was gone and he did a full days work with no pain. Though I told him to go to the dentist to get it taken care of, it has been 2 months and he has done nothing for it, but he takes colloidal silver daily now.


Testimonial 2
Last year, my Abbycat had a terrible abcsess in her mouth. (Probably related to a fungal allergy she gets each spring.) The vet tried pred, then antibiotics - with no results. She got to the point that her breath was atrocious and she could only eat canned food. One day I finally had the brilliant (DUH!) idea of giving her some CS in her milk each day. (I don't usually give milk to the cats, but I was desperate to get some calories in her.) Within just 3 days, her breath was all better and after a week, she would eat kibble cat food again. There has been no recurrance this year, but I'm giving her a bit of CS daily to get her past her danger period. I have one of your CS generators now and make my own, but at the time of Abbycat's original problem, I had only read your web-site and used a store-bought CS. I thank you SO much for getting this information out! Without it, I might have lost my sweet girl.

Jean Heisler
Richmond, VA

Testimonial 3
I would like to second Dalia's suspicion that IBS is caused by some kind of organism. I have suffered from it for years. Pain, bloating, constipation, food intolerances to the point where almost everything made my colon act up and I was down to eating white bread and getting fat. Doctors don't know how to treat this condition. They offered me sedative drugs, and when I refused to take them, prescribed fiber therapy, which made the problem ten times worse. When I got a badly abscessed tooth, I decided to try CS. Not only did it help cure out my infection (which drained out through my sinuses), but it also almost totally eliminated my IBS. I am now on a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and I am healthier than I have been in years. I take CS daily, as a maintenance dose, and the only foods that upset my colon now, are things
like onions, broccholi, chocolate, etc.


Testimonial 4
Dear Bill,

I have not had any sinus congestion/headaches since I started using CS last year. Fall is usually my worst time for sinus infections. I just put a drop into each nostril and inhale 1-2 times a day. It seems to be working!

Also, my friend had a badly abscessed tooth. His cheek was painfully swollen and hard. Since it was the weekend and no dentists were open, I urged him to try my CS. He took approximately 1 tsp. per 2 hours and it cleared up before the weekend was over. No need for a dentist now!

One more story... our two guinea pigs were quite lethargic and had what looked like infected feet. When guinea pigs get sick, there is usually no hope. But, I added CS and some crushed vitamin C to their drinking water, and they came around and are healthy as ever! Amazing.

Thank you,
Debbie in PA

Testimonial 5
Dear Bill,

I gave my cat who had an abscess from a scratch on his side, some colloidal silver. With a little Neosporin and colloidal silver - he is healed. This is much cheaper and much more effective than the 150 dollars I spent the last time. He healed two days earlier this time.

Testimonial 6
Just had to let you know how quick the colloidal silver helped me. I had a tooth that felt like it was abscessed but nothing showed up on x-rays. It did not get better as the dentist thought it would. I found a bottle of the colloidal silver that I had forgotten about. I started taking it and within 4-5 days the sensitivity was completely gone. That had to be what it was; I didn't take anything else, and it seemed to be getting worse before I started taking the CS. Thank you, I am so glad I found this website.

Shirley Miller

Testimonial 7
I wanted to share with everyone the many miraculous results my family and I have after using Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold since August of this year. For instance, my husband had a very badly swollen gum from an infected tooth. He used 1Tbsp three times a day for a couple of days and the pain and swelling was gone. He also held a little in his mouth around the tooth, a couple times a day. He also got the Shingles and started taking 1Tbsp three times a day. I also dabbed each painful blister on his back with the CS several times a day. Three days later, the Shingles were gone! We are now taking a maintenance dose daily. Needless to say, most of my family members are now taking it for various maladies and have rave testimonies as well. I have so many other testimonies about these wonderful products, but I know I shouldn't write a book. I feel like these products are a gift from God and will give Him all the Praise, Honor and Glory for my running across it on the net.

God Bless.

Our products are not drugs and the opinions we present are based upon use of these products as Dietary Supplements. We recommend that you do comprehensive research before taking our word or the word of anyone else about how to care for your health.

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