Iodine Replacement Therapy

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Iodine Replacement Therapy

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Today we’re going to talk about iodine. For many, many years, even since the Civil War, American physicians have known that iodine is an essential element and that it’s necessary for good health. Here’s a little bottle of Lugol’s iodine [2 oz.], … this kind of iodine was used by American physicians for all of a hundred years. From 1861 to 1961 the majority of physicians in the United States, used Lugol’s iodine for their patients, …not just for thyroid problems, but for many other ailments as well, with great success.

The R.D.A. (Recommended Daily Allowance) in America is 100 micrograms, which is one-tenth of a one milligram. But, there are many indications and research that shows that this is far too small of a level. In recent years, there has been a sort of iodineophobia, and formerly iodine was even put in bread, just like it’s put in iodized salt. But, about twenty years ago, due to the [supposed] fear of “excessive iodine,” it was taken out of the bread and in its place bromide was put in bread, which is a thyroid toxin. Without having iodine saturation in the body, it’s hard for the body to get rid of excess halides … which are all very caustic and hyper-reactive when it has fluoride, chloride, and bromide (which we have through our drinking water), medicinals, and other things. Now, compared to our R.D.A., people in Japan take twelve and a half milligrams a day in their diet … that’s milligrams … that’s 1250 micrograms as compared to our RDA of 100 micrograms.

In the United States, one of the top researchers and brilliant physicians, Dr. Guy Abraham, M.D., former Endocrinologist … a professor who taught on the subject of iodine and other endocrine plans at U.C.L.A. medical school and also now he has his own company and continues to do research on iodine. He and several medical colleagues did a project called “The Iodine Project,” in which they checked 4000 patients with high dose iodine therapy … not only did it not hurt them, but it helped various conditions … goiter, was reduced and eliminated; pituitary stress was eliminated, as indicated in lower TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) readings; they found increased excretion of fluoride, bromide, and chloride, as well as heavy metals … lead, arsenic, mercury were excreted in much larger amounts when the body was saturated with iodine; the liver’s detoxification mechanisms were improved; diabetes was much easier to control when a patient had saturation of iodine in the body; blood pressure, as well, was much better controlled; fibrocystic breast disease was resolved in some cases; brain function was better …patients complained less of “brain fog”; and, cancer rates, especially thyroid cancer, and cancer of the breast were reduced.

We know that you can test your body for the amount of iodine you need in a real simple way called “the iodine test” … we have a short video of that, which demonstrates how to do that. The results of the skin test with iodine correlate very well with the 24-hour urine, the more technical, scientific and medically accurate test. That [iodine test] was also developed, by the way, by Dr. Guy Abraham. As with any kind of therapy, proceed slowly with the help, support, and recommendations of your chosen health care provider, naturopath, medical doctor … whoever helps you with your health issues.

So, this very, very important nutrient, in the right amounts, can make major improvements in your health. Why not check out the information for yourself on the website, learn how to test yourself for it, and then give it a try. I think you’ll be glad you did as you see improvements in your symptoms.


Iodine Patch Test
I’m now going to demonstrate how you can test yourself for whether you have enough iodine in your body or not, it’s called the “iodine patch test” … you simply take a bottle of Lugol’s iodine, or another form of iodine, put some of it on your skin … let it absorb into your skin … in the area of about one-inch square is sufficient, of course, we let it dry, we can see the reddish-brown color of the iodine.

How to interpret the results of the test are: if all of this color is absorbed through your skin into the body in less then eight hours, you have a very severe deficiency of iodine in your body; eight to sixteen hours, you have a moderate deficiency; sixteen to twenty-four hours, you have a slight to moderate deficiency. Only if it takes twenty-four hours or more for this to slowly fade away, does it indicate that you have enough iodine in your body, …which, according to Dr. Guy Abraham, is 1500 milligrams total quantity of iodine in a full-saturated iodine patient.

This is a simple way, and although it is easy to do, it apparently correlates very well with the much more scientific, medical, and technical way of testing for iodine, which is to take a loading dose and check a 24-hour urine [sample] to see how much of it you’ve dumped out of your body, …the rest of it, presumably, having been absorbed into your tissues. This is an easy way … you can do this test every one to two weeks, as you’re trying to do your loading on the Lugol’s iodine, as outlined by Dr. Guy Abraham, M.D..

(In the case of Hashimoto’s Disease, Iodine should not be used.)