Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is Advanced Colloidal Silver a dark greenish brown color rather than clear?

The color is a result of light reflecting off the metallic particles in the water. If there is no color from reflected light, the product is probably mostly ionic or contains little if any silver.

Why is there an EPA Reference Dose, (RfD) for silver if it has no associated adverse effects?

Although silver is not associated with any adverse health effects (only with cosmetic effects), the EPA establishes exposure limits for many materials based on various possible areas of concern. To our knowledge, silver is the only chemical or substance which has an RfD that is not based on an adverse health effect, but rather on a cosmetic effect called Argyria, an extremely rare phenomenon. While an RfD for silver still exists, in 1991 the EPA deleted the maximum contaminant level, or MCL for silver in drinking water (an enforceable value) and replaced it with a secondary maximum contaminant level (SMCL) goal (non-enforceable) of 0.1 ppm that is twice the previous level, an action that was probably driven by the recognized low toxicity associated with silver. The EPA’s oral Reference Dose (RfD) for silver, which is "an estimate of a daily exposure to the human population that is likely to be without an appreciable risk of deleterious effects during a lifetime". The RfD is expressed in units of mg/kg-day, which relates to an individual's body weight. The RfD established for silver is .005mg/kg-day. This means that an individual who weighs 70 kilograms (160 pounds) could safely ingest .350 milligrams of silver per day for a lifetime. One 8 ounce bottle of Advanced Colloidal Silver contains 2.4 mg (or 2400 micrograms); one teaspoon (5 ml) of Advanced Colloidal Silver contains .1 mg or 100 micrograms of silver. The current EPA drinking water standards for silver state that in order to avoid possible skin discoloration, the maximum silver content in drinking water should not exceed .10 mg. per liter. This is equivalent to 100 micrograms of silver per liter.

Are colloidal silver products containing gelatins/proteins, salts, or nitrates effective?

Yes, any product containing silver is probably effective, but if it is comprised of ingredients such as salts, nitrates, iodides, proteins or gelatinous bases, it may be conducive to causing the condition Argyria and in our opinion should be avoided. When a product contains gelatin or protein, it is because the silver particle size is too large to stay in suspension. For example if you drop a handful of bbs into a glass of water, they will sink to the bottom, but if you drop a handful of bbs into a glass of jell-o, they will stay suspended. The principal is the same. The thicker gelatinous/protein solution allows the large particles to stay in suspension. Also notice that these gelatinous products have a generally very high parts per million (ppm), which is required to be effective because less particles are able to get down to the cellular level. The greatest concern is that the high ppms combined with the gelatin or protein solution exponentially increases the possibility that silver accumulation under the skin may occur, resulting in rare instances in Argyria. Smaller particle silver in distilled water, such as our Advanced Colloidal Silver, is just as effective in very low ppms as the other products are in high ppms. Silver easily stays suspended in water with Advanced Colloidal Silver because of the significantly smaller particles. Therefore, because of the smaller particles, low ppm, and no gelatin or protein, there is almost no risk of sub-dermal accumulation with Advanced Colloidal Silver.

Does colloidal silver fight only “bad” bacteria, leaving “good” flora unaffected?

Colloidal silver does not discriminate between “good” and “bad” bacteria. It can potentially destroy all bacteria it comes into contact with. This is why we recommend that anyone choosing to take more than the suggested serving of silver for extended periods of time should supplement with acidophilus ( or live culture yogurt an hour or so afterwards. This will re-supply the digestive system with the “good” bacteria needed for optimum food digestion and nutrient absorption in the colon.

How important is particle size and is a high ppm colloidal silver product required for effectiveness?

You cannot judge colloidal silver products based solely upon parts per million (ppm), but a smaller particle size product is potentially more effective. Silver is only effective to the degree that the surface area of the silver particles are able to come into contact with a micro-organism. I'll exaggerate with size so you can get a clear mental image of this concept. Imagine a silver particle the size of a 55 gal. barrel with the outside of the barrel being the surface area that comes in contact with the surrounding environment; then compare that with the same barrel filled with silver particles the size of marbles or BBs. There are many times more effective surface areas to contact the surrounding environment with the smaller particles than with the larger particles. It also enables them to travel more easily in the body's fluid environment. High ppm products generally are comprised of much larger particles suspended in a gelatinous base to keep them from falling out, which means that more of it may either collect in the tissue under the skin or be eliminated from the body without being utilized. High ppms are only necessary when the silver particle size is very large and therefore must make up for an inefficient surface area with more parts per million. The truth is, silver of any size can be effective against micro-organisms, such as the use of silver utensils and cups, putting silver coins in water or milk, or even wearing silver jewelry where it is assimilated through the skin. There is no doubt that silver is only effective to the degree that it is able to come into contact with microbes and is therefore more effective if it has a particle size small enough to get down to the cellular level, but the debate about particle size can become somewhat academic. Smaller size enables the particles to travel more easily in the body's fluid environment, giving the silver easier access to all areas of the body and to microorganisms, but particle size in the 2-10 nanometer range, will be able to travel effectively anywhere in the body it is needed.

Which colloidal silver is most effective, ionic or particle (non-ionic)?

There is much contentious debate within the colloidal silver community about ionic silver vs. particle silver. It is our belief that there are misconceptions on both sides of the issue, by some that only non-ionic “silver particles” are effective and by others that “ionic silver” is most effective. The truth is, they are both silver and each has its own distinct advantages in different applications.

Although, ionic silver may lose most of its effectiveness in the hydrochloric acid of the stomach becoming silver chloride and passing harmlessly out of the system, it is still very effective topically, in the eyes, ears, sinuses, mouth, lungs, and esophagus. Since silver particles work themselves by giving off silver ions, it stands to reason that ionic silver may have a more immediate effectiveness in the areas listed. For these areas we are offering “Advanced Ionic Silver”.

Silver particles on the other hand do not have the hydrochloric acid limitation factor and are able to survive the digestive acids and move on in the digestive system, the colon, liver, kidneys, bladder, etc., where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream and then act to support the immune system in those internal areas. We believe that a product such as our “Advanced Colloidal Silver” gives you the best chance of effectiveness from the stomach and beyond, with approximately 15% ionic silver and 85% non-ionic silver particles.

For more information on the issue of ionic vs. non-ionic, go here. A further note of interest: Researchers have reported that when water is energized with an electric current, the water molecules are split apart into a positively charged hydrogen ion and a negatively charged hydroxide ion (oxygen attached to hydrogen). The ions, having lost their stabilizing electron, then begin to seek out electrons to acquire from other molecules. This higher concentrated ionic solution outside a one-celled organism is naturally compelled to rush inside the organism where there is a lower ion concentration, thus piercing the single cell’s membrane. We believe that our Advanced Colloidal Silver process that puts nanometer sized particles of silver into a distilled water suspension may at the same time electrically energize the water resulting in this phenomenon.

Can colloidal silver cause one to feel ill?

When first starting silver supplementation, one may experience a minor "crisis" of not feeling well, similar to a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction. When toxins accumulate in the blood stream from terminated micro-organisms, it may cause one to feel mildly ill and sometimes feverish. A die-off of bacteria in the colon may also result in some initial diarrhea, but the use of smaller servings to start with may be a more comfortable way to pass through this temporary discomfort. Higher water consumption away from your colloidal silver intake, may also lessen the duration of this discomfort, which generally goes away within hours or a day or two. Anyone using more than the suggested serving of Advanced Colloidal Silver should supplement with acidophilus or live culture yogurt a couple of hours after consuming colloidal silver. This will replenish the "good bacteria" and assist in reinforcing and maintaining optimum food digestion.

Can colloidal silver cause Argyria?

It is possible that some, saline, nitrate, and gelatinous “colloidal silver” products, with prolonged heavy use, could cause Argyria. The only negative association made to silver supplementation is this condition, a rare phenomenon where silver accumulates in the tissue under the skin causing a blue or grayish tint. Even then, the effects aren’t life threatening; just cosmetically altering and unappealing. There are deliberately exaggerated and misleading claims against colloidal silver products in general designed to scare people away from this safe, economical, and effective product. An FDA “Talk Paper” references silver ingredients and silver salts that include silver proteins, mild silver protein, strong silver protein, silver chloride, and silver iodide. They correctly claim that the use of these “gelatinous” silver solutions have resulted in cases of Argyria. We too believe that these gelatinous/protein, saline, and nitrate based products may be conducive to developing Argyria. The cosmetic condition Argyria is an extremely rare phenomenon where silver accumulates in the tissue under the skin causing a blue or grayish tint. Even then, it isn't life threatening and there are very few cases repeatedly cited in the anti-silver propaganda. One is a lady who presumably developed Argyria in the 1950s from taking large amounts of silver nitrate (not silver in de-ionized water) over a long period of time. The second and third examples cited are two men who reportedly consumed large quantities for a prolonged time of a product they made in a salt solution. I know of many people who have supplemented with silver in de-ionized water for years using many times the suggested serving, including myself, with no hint of any ill effects, much less blue skin. The only noticeable effect for me has been that my cold and viruses are far and few between and when I do get a “bug” it is generally mild compared to those around me not taking silver. The biggest problem with the FDA information is that they ignore the fact that not all silver products (including Utopia Silver) are gelatinous based and comprised of very high ppms. When colloidal silver is produced in a gelatinous base, it is because the silver particles are too large to stay in solution and would fall out if they were in water. The gelatin helps to keep the large silver particles suspended. These products as a rule generally contain a very high ppm content of silver in order to be effective. Our products are low ppm, but are just as effective or more because of their smaller particle size. Advanced Colloidal Silver is not a salt, iodide, nitrate, protein, or gelatinous based product. Advanced Colloidal Silver is simply trace mineral and distilled water.

Can colloidal silver or colloidal gold cause an allergic reaction?

A small number of people do have allergies to various metals and if you cannot wear silver or gold jewelry because of an allergy, it may be best not to supplement with them either. Metal allergies are usually manifested by a light rash and/or itching.

Are colloidal silver and colloidal gold “drugs” or do they interact with drugs?

Our Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold products are mineral and water dietary supplements, not drugs. Supplementing your diet with colloidal silver or gold should be approached no differently than taking other vitamin and mineral supplements. We have seen no reports of, nor evidence of, any adverse silver or gold interaction or reaction with patented "drugs", any other element, compound, or food. There is a common practice by “governmental agencies” to define as a “new drug” anything that is claimed by anyone (user, marketer, or producer) as being of some benefit. This is nothing more than a transparent attempt to regulate that which by law and common sense cannot be regulated. The implication that only “drugs” are beneficial flies in the face of not only of common sense, but science. This is the modern day equivalent of claiming that the Earth is flat or that the Earth is the center of the Universe. By this bureaucratic logic, since water cures and prevents dehydration, then it must be a “drug”. It is simply scientific and medical fact that a deficiency of any given vitamin or mineral can be the root cause of any number of illnesses and when these vitamins or minerals are replaced, a particular disease may be either prevented or cured. Two of the most common examples are the relationship between Vitamin C and Scurvy and Vitamin D and Rickets.

What is the USFDA’s definition of “colloidal silver” and why are they concerned about it’s usage?

The FDA definition for colloidal silver found in one of their “Talk Papers” is: “a suspension of silver particles in a colloidal (gelatinous) base”. This can be found at: The FDA claims that the indiscriminate use of these kinds of gelatinous based “colloidal silver” solutions has resulted in cases of Argyria. Evidence indicates that the known cases of Argyria have all been caused by these gelatinous based silver ingredients and silver salts that include silver proteins, mild silver protein, strong silver protein, silver chloride, and silver iodide. When the word “include” is used, that means that anything not on the list is excluded from the list. These gelatinous products do not describe the colloidal products sold by Utopia Silver Supplements. Ours is best described by us using a chemistry definition of a system in which finely divided silver particles are dispersed within a continuous de-ionized water medium in a manner that prevents the silver from being easily filtered or rapidly settled. As noted above, the USFDA on their website defines colloidal silver as: “a suspension of silver particles in a colloidal (gelatinous) base”. Our Advanced Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold contain no gelatins, no proteins, no chlorides, no iodides and no nitrates; they are mineral and distilled water only.

Does the generic term “colloidal silver” have more than one possible definition?

When we use the term "colloidal silver", we use the Chemistry definition of "colloid" as a system in which finely divided [silver] particles are dispersed within a continuous medium (de-ionized water in the case of our product) in a manner that prevents them from being easily filtered or rapidly settled. …But there are also definitions of “colloid” from Physiology and Pathology that have completely different and unrelated meanings to the Chemistry definition. To understand how these terms can easily be misconstrued and misapplied, particularly by governmental agencies, see below. col•loid
1. Chemistry.
a. A system in which finely divided particles, which are approximately 10 to 10,000 angstroms in size, are dispersed within a continuous medium in a manner that prevents them from being filtered easily or settled rapidly.
b. The particulate matter so dispersed.
2. Physiology. The gelatinous product of the thyroid gland, consisting mainly of thyroglobulin, which serves as the precursor and storage form of thyroid hormone.
3. Pathology. Gelatinous material resulting from colloid degeneration in diseased tissue. Gelatinous/protein, saline, and nitrate based products by their very nature are much more likely to be retained and deposited under the skin tissue than products that are simply mineral and water. Products which are mineral and water are rapidly and easily eliminated by the body’s natural mineral loss via sweat and urination. Advanced Colloidal Silver contains no gelatins, proteins, salts, or nitrates and is simply trace mineral and de-ionized water.

If silver is such a potent anti-microbial agent, why isn’t it used by mainstream medicine to treat people with illnesses for which there may be no other help?

First of all, there is a mindset within the “medical establishment” that believes that no method or product is valid unless it has gone through their filter of approval. Some of this comes from an inherent academic and intellectual arrogance that often pervades any field or professional in which a higher level of education is required. But the primary reason is that the medical education system, as well as the lion’s share of research, is funded by companies and organizations that have a vested interest in ensuring that only more profitable patentable medicines/drugs are approved. Products such as silver and water are probably not patentable and would not be as profitable. This same establishment almost never gives “alternative and/or natural” remedies any scientific study or research to truly determine if they can work or not. I also question whether or not this system truly wants to cure anything; there is more profit in the long term treatment of a disease than there is in curing a disease. An indication of this is the fact that most mainstream products temporarily treat symptoms rather than curing the underlying causes of disease. Notwithstanding diseases caused by micro-organisms, I believe that most of the ailments of man and animal are generally triggered by mineral deficiencies. These deficiencies can also cause us to have a lower resistance to microbes.

Are colloidal silver products safe?

Advanced Colloidal Silver, taken according to our serving suggestions, contains less than one third the amount of silver referenced by the EPA in their drinking water standards. Utopia Silver Supplement's suggested one-per day serving contains approximately 100 micrograms of silver. The Environmental Protection Agency’s maximum daily reference dose of silver is 350 micrograms. That equates to approximately three and one half teaspoons of our Advanced Colloidal Silver. Although gelatinous/protein, saline, and/or nitrate based silver products may cause the cosmetic condition Argyria with overuse, no death that we are aware of has ever been documented as being caused by any silver or gold supplement. Our Advanced Colloidal Silver is not a gelatinous based product; it is simply mineral and de-ionized water. We have sworn testimony from a forensic toxicologist that there is no known toxic level that has been established for silver or gold. Silver is one of the few substances that has a reference dose not based on an adverse health effect and for which the EPA removed the maximum silver contaminate level for drinking water. This action was obviously driven by the recognized low or non-toxicity associated with this mineral. As far as any claimed toxicity is concerned, drinking water is allowed to have three and one half times as much silver for an average daily consumption as a serving of Advanced Colloidal Silver provides. If it is safe to drink from the public water supplies of America containing naturally occurring silver, it is perfectly safe to use this dietary supplement, even up to three and one half times the suggested serving for any purpose you choose. You may ask: How can such a small amount of silver have a positive effect within the body? The secret is in the infinitesimal size of the silver particles. A million of these silver particles could sit side by side on a cross section of human hair. The reason it works so well is that such a large percentage of the surface area of silver atoms are exposed to the body’s fluid environment, allowing these tiny particles to penetrate even the deepest tissues of the body and thereby supporting the immune system. These silver nano-particles are smaller than any blood cell, bacteria, fungus spore, or even virus. This is the key to the effectiveness of Advanced Colloidal Silver and the primary reason a 20 ppm silver product is all that is required to do the job. One possibility to be aware of is that a very small percentage of people do have allergies to various metals and if you cannot wear silver or gold jewelry because of an allergy, it may be best not to supplement with them either. Anything can be abused or misused. An aspirin or two may relieve a headache, but a bottle of aspirin taken at one time can cause death. Most over-the-counter pain medications cause thousands of deaths and thousands of damaged organs each year. Patented antibiotics also cause thousands of deaths each year. Over consumption of drinking water in a short time span kills a number of people each year by diluting the electrolytes or rupturing the stomach, …but should this define our use of water?

How is silver able to inhibit the growth of one-celled micro-organisms?

According to researchers, silver inhibits the growth of one-celled organisms by deactivating the organism’s oxygen metabolism enzymes. This action in turn, destroys the organism’s cell membranes, stopping the replication of the organism’s DNA. This is a completely natural reaction to silver by these organisms and is not chemically manipulated by man. You may verify this research information on our website at:

There is also some interesting research with silver prior to the advent of patented anti-biotics. A good example that is available on the Internet is "The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease" by Alfred B. Searle, the founder of Searle Pharmaceuticals (now known as Monsanto). Although this book is dated in some respects, it demonstrates the research that had already been done as well as that which was ongoing in the area of “colloidal silver” before more lucrative patented concoctions (drugs) replaced it in the marketplace. This book cites research done by numerous scientists and documents their findings demonstrating the germicidal properties of silver.

One of the most widely publicized concerns today relating to biological warfare and terrorism is the fact that microbes have mutated and become resistant so that “patented” antibiotics may often be rendered ineffective. On the other hand, research and evidence indicates that one-celled organisms do not have an intrinsic resistance to, nor can they through mutation or natural selection, acquire a resistance to silver's anti-microbial actions. Again, this is why silver has historically been one of man’s most reliable tools in supporting the immune system against various maladies, even before he knew what caused these maladies.

Does silver have a historical use other than as a medium of monetary exchange?

Yes! The historical use of silver to preserve and extend the life of food and water is long and indisputable. For thousands of years, it has been used for the same reasons we are using it now in our mineral and water supplement form. From mankind's earliest history, silver has been used in the making of food and drink vessels, as well as eating utensils. Here is an anecdote from the writings of Herodotus, the Greek philosopher, before the birth of Christ. The Greek historian Herodotus, called the "Father of History", is one of our prime sources for information known about the fall of Babylon. Herodotus lived a century after the time of Daniel and traveled widely in the East. In his "Histories", we learn of the campaign of Persia's King Cyrus against Babylon. The details include the fact that no Persian king, including Cyrus, would drink the water of any stream other than the Choaspes, a river that flowed past the Persian capital of Susa. Wherever the king went, a long train of four-wheeled mule wagons followed him transporting silver jars filled with the river's water. The water in silver jars would keep fresh for years during the long campaigns. The Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and peoples around the world used silver in one form or another to preserve food and water. In Europe during the "Dark Ages”, silver utensils, cups and bowls were utilized to aid in protecting the wealthy from the full brunt of pandemics. The expression "born with a silver spoon in their mouth" comes from these “Dark Ages”, when the wealthy gave their children silver spoons to suck on to ward off diseases." In the days of the settling of the American frontier, pioneers commonly used silver coins to retard the spoilage of milk and water. The use of some silver preparations in modern, mainstream medicine has survived until this "Modern Age." Among them are the use of dilute silver nitrate in newborn babies' eyes to protect from infection and the use of "Silvadine," a silver based salve, in virtually every burn ward in America to fight infection. A silver coated nylon material was patented as "Silvalon" and licensed by FDA as an anti-microbial bandage. Clearly, silver has historically been one of man’s most reliable tools in supporting the immune system against various maladies, even before he knew what caused these maladies. Today, silver is also being used in swimming pool filters, food cutting boards, bandages, and water filters for NASA. Scientific research and evidence indicates that if silver comes into contact with one-celled organisms, they will not survive. Evidence indicates that one-celled organisms do not have an intrinsic resistance to, nor can they through mutation or natural selection, acquire a resistance to silver's anti-microbial actions, as they are often able to do with “patented” products. This is why silver has historically been one of man’s most reliable tools in supporting the immune system against various maladies, even before he knew what caused these maladies.

How is Colloidal Silver most effectively used?

By far the most frequent questions we receive here at Utopia Silver concerning silver are, “Does silver really work?” and “How much silver must I use for it to be effective?” The first question is a moot point in any real world science; silver kills one-celled organisms (germs), period. Any opinion to the contrary is where the real quackery lies. It simply deserves no debate and that is where the carcass of silver being junk science or a ‘bust’ should remain. The effective use of colloidal silver and other silver products such as ionic silver and silver protein cannot be uniformly defined as to ‘what is an effective amount to use’ to fit every person, every situation, every ailment or even what is an adequate maintenance amount. The amounts that can boost and enhance the body’s immune system over time, such as the oft recommended one to three teaspoons per day, are generally not enough for therapeutic use if one needs a ‘silver bullet’ for a specific issue such as Hep-C, Crohn’s or even food poisoning or a cold. I have found that regular ‘maintenance’ amounts tend to boost the immune system against catching everything that may be going around, but certainly does not preclude one from ever catching anything at all. The regular use of silver can offer a degree of immunity from frequent and dehabilitating infections or at the very least, they become much milder and of shorter duration. So how much silver is necessary to do what we want it to do, which is either ‘to boost our immune system to keep us from getting sick (or not as sick) or to rid us of some condition we already have? For the past three to four months, there has been everything going around from viruses to flu-like symptoms to bronchial and respiratory infections and I have been exposed to them all. Although, I have had very mild early stage symptoms of some of these several times this year, I have yet to catch a full-blown case of any one of them. There are people who have had allergies all their lives and at certain times of the year experience even cold and flu-like symptoms from these allergies and expect silver to eliminate their allergies. That is generally not going to happen. Although silver will alleviate the symptoms of infections caused by allergies, silver cannot cure allergies to plant pollens, pet dander, dust, or other non-microbial causes that may be chemical in nature. There is one extenuating circumstance that does exist; many of these things, such as pollen and dust may be prone to carry bacteria attached to them and this may well be the area in which silver serves to reduce allergy infections. Allergy agents tend to inflame and hyper-sensitize the sinus, bronchial, and lung tissues which in turn may then be more susceptible to bacterial and viral infections. This is where silver may be of significant benefit with allergies, but silver simply shouldn’t be expected to prevent the under-lying cause of any allergy. I only advocate and recommend the use of either colloidal silver, which is silver particles suspended in water or ionic silver, which is silver ions suspended in water or a combination of these products. I believe that particle silver products are best for any condition beyond the stomach, but ionic silver products are just as good topically or any place that doesn’t have to pass thru the stomach or into the bloodstream. The sublingual use of silver, being held in the mouth for a time without swallowing, can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. I use this routine daily while rinsing my teeth to reduce the risk of cavities. Although any product containing silver will have anti-microbial benefit, I generally advise against the long-term or regular use of silver proteins, silver in saline solutions, silver nitrates, any silver produced with a chemical process, and generally any large particle or high PPM silver solution. I would use these type products if nothing else was available, but when silver in distilled water is available, there is simply no reason to have to deal with the skin discoloration possibilities that these other products may have if overused. Contrary to what the media propaganda would lead you to believe, the condition called Argyria develops only with prolonged and heavy use of these other silver products, but I do believe that colloidal silver (silver in distilled water) in any reasonable therapeutic use will not cause this condition. Certainly this very rare occurrence is not reason for anyone to be averse to using one of mankind’s safest and most effective natural germ-killers. There is a minimal maintenance level of silver consumption at which our cells are able over time to develop a stronger immunity to germs. But as with anything, it may vary greatly from person to person, depending on each body chemistry, body size and lifestyle. The effective amount for sedentary individuals may not be adequate for more active people; as with all nutrients and minerals, they are constantly being depleted via sweating, urinating and stool elimination. A side note here: If you are that sedentary person, supplements may not be enough to overcome the bad health that will result from inactivity, but at the very least, silver may still reduce issues caused by microbes. The simple and unadulterated scientific fact is, silver kills germs; bacteria, virus, and fungi on contact; that no one can credibly deny. According to research by Beiersdorf the maker of Curad bandages and one of the world’s largest medical supply companies, silver when brought into contact with germs inhibits their growth by deactivating their oxygen metabolism enzymes. In turn, this destroys the microbe’s cell membranes, stopping the replication of its DNA. For therapeutic purposes, the silver key in the lock is bringing the silver into contact with the one-celled organism and how easy or difficult that is depends on where the silver needs to go and how wide spread or systemic the microbial infection actually is. For issues in the ears, eyes, sinuses, throat, and the skin, it is very simple matter, because there is easy access to those places. For the ears, a flush works very well by lying on your side or tilting your head and simply filling the ear with silver, either ionic or particle/colloidal; even a few drops may work on mild ear infections. For the eyes, drops will usually do the trick, but for more serious infections, an eye wash cup flush is best. In the case of cuts and abrasions you can apply directly to the damaged area and for a puncture, a plastic squeeze/mist sprayer bottle can be used to ‘pressure force’ silver into the puncture wound. Just a mild warning here; there are beneficial bacteria on the surface of the skin, just as there is in the digestive system, so any heavy use of or ‘flushing’ with silver should be specific to the affected area and should be short-term. If silver is overused, it can result in dry scaly and flakey epidermal layers. If you experience this, simply discontinue use for a short time and the skin will return to normal. Colloidal and ionic silver are both very effective in getting rid of most conditions of the gums and can be a powerful deterrent to cavities by rinsing the mouth after brushing. Believe it or not, the best tooth paste I’ve ever used is a soap, Utopia Naturals Silver Aloe Skin Care Bar, made with colloidal silver, Aloe Vera, plant minerals and essential oil of juniper (itself an anti-bacterial agent). This unorthodox sounding ‘tooth paste’ was recommended to me by a retired lawyer/engineer and now south Texas rancher friend. I had sent him several bars to use as skin therapy since he spends most of his time out-of-doors working his cattle and goats and gets lots of abrasions and wind and sun damage to his skin. A month or so later, he called me and told me the story of how he had cured his gum infections using the skin therapy soap. He said he had developed a persistent gum problem that nothing would get rid of, but as he was reading the ingredients of the soap one night, he thought, “There’s nothing in here that could be harmful, so why not try it as a ‘toothpaste’?” Within two weeks, his gum problems had cleared up. Now, I will use nothing else, although I have improved his discovery a little by sprinkling a bit of baking soda on the soap before applying it to my toothbrush. Note: After brushing with the silver soap, do a gentle dry brush and then rinse to prevent the soap glycerin from coating the teeth surface; long-term coating may prevent the absorption of minerals into the teeth. For sinuses two of the most effective tools to use are a mist sprayer/squeeze bottle and better yet, a nebulizer. Most colds start in the nose and as soon as you feel that hot and scratchy sensation, get your mist sprayer and fill it half with silver so that with each squeeze, liquid and air mix to form a fine mist of colloidal silver. If you catch it before it creeps down the throat, you can often stop it in the sinuses with this economical little tool. …But if a cold gets past the sinuses and down into the bronchial tubes or the lungs, the best piece of equipment is a nebulizer, powered by a small but powerful compressor that produces a fine vapor that is inhaled into the mouth and then exhaled thru the nose or vice-versa. For more advanced stages of congestion, 1-3 drops of Lobelia can also be added to the colloidal silver or to a little distilled water. Lobelia is an herb used as a natural respiratory and lung cleanser. Do not use chlorinated or fluorinated water for this purpose; use either pure colloidal silver or distilled water. The above topical and respiratory uses of silver are relatively easy to figure out, but it is the internal problems, such as Hep-C or Crohn’s that sometimes present a more difficult issue of ‘how much to use’. My only rule of thumb is this, I use whatever it takes to do the job and if that doesn’t work, I use a little more. My personal use of colloidal silver is simple, I brush my teeth with it in my soap and then I use about a ¼ ounce a day on normal days and if I feel that I’m catching a bug, I will hit it hard with ½ to 1 ounce every 3-4 hours until the symptoms are gone. It seldom takes me more than an 8 oz. bottle, but I find that even avid users of silver are way too timid about more aggressive use whether if for a cold or for a more serious issue. We all have simply been intimidated by media disinformation into being scared of using effective silver quantities, at least for short periods of time. Long-term, heavy use of silver simply for maintenance purposes I do not advocate, but short-term heavy use will usually be the difference in how effective your silver therapy will be. The aggressive use of silver seldom if ever has to be long-term and should not be for very many, although I have heard of some persistent problems that took more time to resolve, such as Herpes or Candida. Even silver can have difficulty tracking down viruses (like Herpes) that tend to go dormant and hide in the base of the spine (Herpes Simplex II) or the joint of the jaw (Herpes Simplex I) and then travel along nerves rather than thru the bloodstream. Colloidal silver (particle silver) gets into the blood stream relatively easy when taken in volume, but seems to have a much more difficult time getting to the tissue of the nerves. Candida, if it has become systemic and gotten into the bloodstream, may also require a much larger ‘volume’ of silver to bring it into contact with all the yeast spread throughout the body. Some of the easiest problems to handle with silver are of the stomach, the bladder, the kidneys, the liver and the intestinal tract. These are all areas where particle silver is the most effective since it is better able to survive the hydrochloric acid of the stomach and of the chloride environs of the body. Stomach, bladder, and kidney issues generally respond reasonably well to smaller amounts (a few teaspoons or tablespoons) of silver than does the intestines, colon, and liver because of their function in the digestive system. These last three generally require a number of ounces and even multiple bottles depending of course on the severity of the problem. It is simply common sense; when there are systemic problems that are widespread in the body or if there are large numbers of microbes to deal with, it may require more silver to do the job. Therefore, one cannot expect much results if treating these type issues with simply a teaspoon or two of silver. It is important to remember that with a heavier usage of silver, especially for more than a few days or a week, one should take Acidophilus and/or Pro-biotics an hour or so afterwards to replenish the colon flora that is essential for proper digestion. Silver kills bacteria/colon flora and as far as I know has no built in programming to distinguish good bacteria from bad. Sometimes ‘bad bacteria’ is simply an overgrowth of what might otherwise be ‘good bacteria’. Such problems are often caused by the use of patented antibiotics, which by the way are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people every year. Dr. Henry E. Simmons, former director of the FDA’s Bureau of Drugs, in 1972 Senate subcommittee hearings stated that antibiotics were, at that time, responsible for from 30,000 to 150,000 deaths per year. The numbers may be much higher now. Eating live culture yogurt is also a good option, but costs more than the bottled Probiotic supplements. I personally make a habit of consuming Acidophilus, yogurt and Probiotics every day regardless of how much silver I use. As I was finishing up this article, I received another question about the shelf life of colloidal silver. Nano-particle colloidal silver lasts longer if stored at warmer temperatures. I have boiled colloidal silver on a stove and in a microwave and there seems to be no amount of heat that affects it. But cold is a different matter. If nano-particle silver is exposed to cold, even refrigerator cold, the particles can agglomerate, causing some color change. At temperatures near or below freezing, the particles can fall out altogether. You know this has happened because the liquid will become clear with a dark residue on the bottom. Ionic silver seems unaffected by either heat or cold. Therefore, warm is better for your nano-particle colloidal silver storage, but it doesn’t matter one way or another with ionic silver. The purpose of refrigeration is to retard bacterial growth and bacteria will not grow on or in silver anyway. To sum things up here in regard to silver use, I reiterate that I am not addressing the ‘how to’ use of silver produced with chemical processes, silver nitrates, saline silver solutions, or silver in protein, or any high ppm and large particle silver. My recommendation is only for nano-particle colloidal silver produced electrically in distilled water. As referenced in this article, I believe the use of ionic silver is very effective topically and in areas where it does not need to get into the bloodstream. Particle silver is by far the best for use inside the body where it must pass through the stomach or requires getting into the bloodstream or chloride environment of the body to be effective. I have seen research reference to the body cell’s having silver receptors. If this research is true, then silver must be considered an essential mineral to the good health of the body and regular maintenance use (1-3 teaspoons per day) will help to maintain some beneficial essential trace level of silver. If the intent is for a therapeutic use of silver, then much larger short-term servings may be required for effective results. Just remember, it is only the long-term abusive use of the wrong kind of silver products that may over time produce skin discoloration issues such as Argyria, but an aggressive short-term use of nano-particle silver in distilled water is not a problem. So don’t let the propaganda machines of the Pharma-Industrial complex and their ‘government’ agency shills such as the FDA and the EPA scare you away from nature’s safest and most perfect natural anti-biotic.