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The Agaricus Blazei Murill Mushroom-"The Mushroom of God"

by Tony Isaacs

A few decades ago, researchers noticed that in the mountain region of Ideate near Sao Paulo, Brazil, a regular part of the local inhabitants’ diet was a mushroom known as 'Cogmelo de Deus' or 'Mushroom of God'. The researches also noted that the local inhabitants were extraordinarily healthy and had a very low incidence of cancer and other diseases, which they attributed to this magical mushroom.

The scientific name of the mushroom is Agaricus Brasiliensis (a.k.a. Agaricus blazei Murill, ABM Mushroom, cogumelo do sol (sun mushroom), cogumelo de Deus (god's mushroom), Brazil's mushroom, Royal Sun Agaricus or, in Japanese, Himematsutake). Agaricus Blazei Murrill, more commonly called the ABM mushroom and sometimes referred to as Agaricus Brasiliennis. So potent is this mushroom that one well-known rainforest herbal manufacturer, uses it as the main ingredients in herbal supplements that have been credited with success against cancer and other diseases around the world.

A Japanese-Brazilian farmer is credited with first discovering the Agaricus brasiliensis in the summer of 1965. In March 1995, Dr. Kazunari Satake M.D., Ph.D., commenced a three-year clinical study with cancer patients. Dr. Satake announced the results of his research to the Japanese Cancer Congress in 1998.

Since 1968, Dr. Takashi Mizuno Ph.D., has studied the bioactive substances in fungi, especially those related to anti-tumor active polysaccharides. At the 12th Symposium of the 7th General Meeting of Technical Discussion Group for Fungi (held at Kinki University in Nara, Japan 1995), Dr. Mizuno presented his results with the following, quite remarkable finding:

"A remarkable anti-tumor activity was found in glycoprotein FIII-2-b, isolated from the fruiting bodies of Agaricus blazei Murill. This glucan-protein complex was the first case of an anti-tumor compound found in an edible mushroom."

In a study conducted by Dr. Shoji Shibata, a professor at Tokyo University, several other well known cancer-fighting and immune-boosting mushrooms were compared to the ABM, including Reishi and Shitake. Dr. Shibata's results found that the other mushrooms were not as effective as the ABM mushroom, and so the ABM was ranked at the top of the list of potent mushrooms - a spot befitting the 'Mushroom of God'! Japanese and British studies have proven ABM contains the highest levels of Beta-(6)-D-glucan of any mushroom known in the world, a polysaccharide widely recognized for its ability to enhance the function of the innate immune response and the acquired immune response against a broad range of foreign invaders to the body.

In addition to of Beta-(6)-D-glucan , the ABM mushroom contains Beta-(1-3)-D-glucan and Beta-(1-4)-a -D-glucan. These potent long-chain polysaccharides are among the most potent immuno-enhancing substances yet found. They also have very powerful anti-tumor properties. When human subjects are given ABM in their diet, a 3000% increase of NK cells, a type of anti-tumor white blood cell known as Natural Killer cells, is seen in the blood within 2-4 days.

In addition to beta glucans, agaricus also contains derivatives of ergosterol, a potent anti-tumor agent; double stranded RNA, an anti-viral agent; proteoglucans and protein bound polysaccharides of low molecular weight, which are immune enhancers; and, protein bound polysaccharides of high molecular weight, vitamins B1 and B2, proteins in the form of amino acids, niacin, iron, and calcium. There are many verified reports from around the world of this mushroom being used successfully in late stage cancers that had been determined hopeless and some clinics in Europe base their entire treatment protocols on agaricus blazei murrill mushroom extracts and other complimentary botanicals. In fact, some studies claim cure rates above ninety percent for all types of cancer, even for stage 4 lung cancer, where many complete remissions are often seen in just a few weeks.

Author’s note: The author recommends the ABM mushroom as one of his top handful of cancer-fighters and immune boosters, along with Colloidal Silver, cat’s claw, pau d’arco, and carefully prepared aqueous oleander extract.

Tony M. Isaacs is the author of “Cancer’s Natural Enemy”, “Collected Remedies”, and numerous health articles and is a regular contributor to this newsletter.

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