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Leading Source of Natural Healing Using Colloidal Silver,
Colloidal Gold and Other Minerals, Vitamins, and Herbs

Utopia Silver Supplements believes in the natural healing of both mind and body through proper nutrition and lifestyle. Whenever possible, this nutrition should be obtained through a proper food diet of plants and animals as God created us to do, but the availability of essential nutrients in today's food sources is very limited. The depletion of minerals from food growing soils has reached epidemic proportions and except for some “organic” operations, these nutrients and essential trace minerals are not being added back to the soil. The best and possibly only alternative is using mineral and vitamin supplementation. Natural healing, including the use of mankind's oldest natural anti-biotic, colloidal silver, seeks first to prevent and heal ill health rather than simply managing disease symptoms after you become sick as mainstream medicine does. After all, disease is not a deficiency of drugs, but is usually a lack of exercise and a deficiency of proper mineral and vitamin nutrition. The only two times unshared Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling, stated, "You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency."

"Advanced Colloidal Silver" is simply a suspension containing 99.99% pure elemental silver, mankind's oldest natural anti-microbial agent, in de-ionized water. We have advanced from using silver coins and vessels to preserve milk and water and deterring various plagues to now using it in a colloidal form as a natural healing supplement. Advanced Colloidal Silver is used to naturally (without the dangerous side effects of drugs) enhance the body's immune system. Our product is comprised of approx. 15% ionic silver and 85% non-ionic silver particles, both of which are effective in killing one-celled organisms. We offer high quality nano-particle colloidal silver and colloidal gold in a low ppm formula that is completely safe and just as effective as high ppm, large particle, and chemically made products mixed in animal protein. Utopia Silver Supplements provides not only the highest quality supplements, but also strives to provide the best service on the Internet.

A Layman's Guide to Using Colloidal Silver
Death By Medicine
A Timeline of Vitamin Medicine

No man and hence no government working under the “revolving door” influence and direction of drug companies has any right to dictate how we as free men and women should take care for our health. It is today as Thomas Jefferson astutely predicted, "If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." This is one of the last bastions of liberty in America, but it is under constant attack and is rapidly being eroded and dismantled by the dictates of government tyranny. Such should never be accepted or tolerated.

Colloidal Silver Misinformation

There is much misinformation and sometimes even intentional disinformation within the “colloidal silver” industry. Much of it is based on falsely making it appear that a particular manufacturer or producer has a ‘silver' product to which no one else has access. In very few cases, there may be some element of truth, but most of what is sold as “colloidal silver” is not actually colloidal silver. It is often either ionic silver or chemically made silver in a gelatin water base. These two make up the vast majority of so-called “colloidal silver” product sales...Read More

There are volumes of research and studies proving the effectiveness and safety of silver as a natural healing mineral. See More Info Below:
Silver History:
Historically, the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and peoples around the world throughout history have used silver in one form or another to preserve food and water. Silver has historically been one of man's most reliable tools in supporting the immune system against various germ caused maladies, even before man knew what germs were.
Miracle substance exists say a growing number of scientists and in fact has for millions of years; it's silver.
Silver Science:
Silver Nanoparticle Neutralization Of Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses (.pdf file)
Three Ways Colloidal Silver Stops Pathogens from Causing Infection
One-celled organisms do not have an intrinsic resistance to silver's anti-microbial actions, nor can they through mutation or natural selection acquire a resistance.
Science of wound healing made easier by silver dressings.
Silver Research & Studies:
Colloidal Silver Can Heal Some Cancers As Effectively As Chemotherapy
Clinical Studies
concerning the use of silver in various forms, from silver anti-microbial wound dressings to anti-microbial silver polymer for the treatment of venous leg ulcers to the use of ionic silver to promote healing.
Colloidal Silver Research Bibliography, assembled by the developer of Silverlon, Dr. A. Bart Flick.
If particle size is small enough, high ppm silver in animal protein is completely unnecessary
Study investigates the Potters For Peace colloidal silver impregnated ceramic filter.
University of Texas
study finds silver prevents HIV virus from bonding to host cells.
Silver News & Info:
The Truth About Colloidal Silver
U.S. Army requests help of a college professor to teach local Iraqi potters how to make ceramic filters to purify drinking water in Iraq.

Silver earns its weight in gold
for hospital patients in need of a urinary catheter.

Colloidal Silver impregnated containers
keep food fresh three or four times longer.

Silver Ion washing machine
by Samsung kills germs in the laundry.
Staph infection breaks out in Tulsa jails, but silver arrests the germs.

Hong Kong subways
to use silver to kill germs.
Customer Comments
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  • Hi Utopia,
    I absolutely have fallen in love with Gold & Silver!! Thank you!
  • A note of thanks for your colloidal silver !It saved my life. I had a triple by-pass, contracted MRSA, Modern meds could not kill it , but Utopia Silver DID!Doctors were amazed how fast I healed!!!
    R. Baker
  • I ordered on Friday & received my silver on Monday! Super fast shipping! Also I want to commend you on your excellent packing job. I will order from you again.
    Thanx/E. Johnson
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Testimonial #1

I began using your silver in 2001, have NOT had a single antibiotic since then for sinus infections! I got your generator, and now just get silver wire and make my own. YOU SAVED MY LIFE! I was on antibiotics constantly plus cortisone shots too. I take 2 oz daily, spray in my nose, and drip in my eyes. I have cured many friends and pets with my silver generator! I spread the word anytime I can about your products! THANKS again!

S. McIntyre

Testimonial #2

My husband was fighting the Type 2 Herpes Virus with very little success. This is a very painful virus. He finally found using Colloidal Silver was an amazing product and combined it with Lysine. He has complete relief and is so pleased. Thanks

S. Marcucci

Testimonial #3
Hi I just wanted to chime in and share a story. I work in a dog grooming shop and we have a customer who's dog had a fungus on his nose for the longest time. He kept taking him to the Vet and they would give him medicine ( internal and external I think)to cure it. It has been in this condition for over a year I believe. Well we were talking about it with the customer and I mentioned colloidal silver to him and he was game to try it. I just happened to have a gallon in my car that I had just ordered and so I gave him a few ounces and told him to put it on his nose twice a day. Check this out! Three weeks later he returns for his next visit and the fungus is GONE!! We were all so happy to see Jack back to his usual handsome self again. It was pretty cool proving to people what I've been telling them for years......Colloidal silver is awesome stuff!

J. Jones
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The products we offer are dietary supplements and no statements contained herein this website or in any material or communication generated by Utopia Silver Supplements are to be construed as claims or representations that any of our products are offered as drugs for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease. We do not give "medical" advice and have no doctors on staff. Anyone desiring to purchase drugs should first consult a physician.

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